How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY

Framed Vintage Handkerchiefs

Framed Vintage Handkerchiefs



How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY

This is a simple wall art project for my collection of my late mother-in-law’s vintage handkerchiefs. I found this rectangular frame at Ikea and the square ones I got a deal online. You just need some acid free scotch magic tape (it will say good for photos on the label) and maybe some acid free white paper if your handkerchiefs are very fine, see-through white. I first arranged them how I wanted them and ironed them out. I started with the bottom handkerchief, wrapped the edges around the back and taped to the back and did this with each layer. If you really want the handkerchiefs to pop you can try taping a white paper backing but I was lazy and kind like of like how you can see though them. The tricky part is to get it in the frame without wrinkles, I found if you lean the frame against the wall and keep the handkerchiefs upright it should go into place just fine!


vintage handkerchief collection



DIY vintage wall art



vintage handkerchief wall art DIY



Vintage wall art DIY

Vintage handkerchief wall art DIY


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What do your think? Is this  a better idea than just keeping them in a box? Comments welcome.



49 thoughts on “How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY

  1. My mother has always been to known to carry around multiple handkerchiefs for any given occasion- this would make a perfect keepsake for her. What a clever way of turning an everyday object into a special work of art! Love it!

  2. They are wonderful handkerchiefs with many colorful embroidery motifs inside the frames! My mom will be very interested in those arts!

  3. This is such a lovely idea! I have some items like this from my grandmother that I would love to have displayed. I never knew what to do with them- but this would be perfect!

  4. What a brilliant idea! I would be so worried about ruining them when ironing because I am no good with the iron, but I love the end results. They make beautiful art and have great memories with them.

  5. Those vintage handkerchiefs look beautiful and colorful. I loved the framing idea. It seems like a painting.

  6. What a fantastic idea for hand me down items. I would never have thought to hang them, but have to do that with some doilies I have.

  7. what a great idea! I have a few that are so pretty that I stash them away and they never get used or really seen (until now!) thanks for the idea, I’ll get right on it…

  8. Love new DYI ideas for keepsakes. This is a great way to preserve memories and personalize your home. Love the poppy with the brown background Gorgeous!!

  9. These are really pretty! Have you ever thought about using thinner frames or lower profile ones? I bet those would really show off the colors/patterns well.

  10. I wouldn’t have thought of framing those as art, but they really do look quite beautiful. I am sure avoiding the wrinkling would be the hardest part while posting it up as art.

      • Before anyone started talking about upcycling, I used to collect all sorts of pretty bits and pieces and incorporate them into art and craft projects, but at some point I got too busy with other things, and lost the inspiration. You have a beautifully presented, inspiring blog. Maybe I’ll start making things again. We have so much stuff in Oxfam that doesn’t sell – I’m sure I could utilise some of it.

      • I was upcycling 30 years ago making dollhouse miniatures but this is too fussy and time consuming for me now! I would love to see all the fun things you have that don’t sell! Pinterest is always a good place for inspiration!

      • It’s heart-breaking to see the things that don’t sell, but sometimes we get a goldmine – the other day the manager asked me for advice on 36 wedding veils that had been donated we started pulling them out of a bag. The first three didn’t look very interesting – the net was cheap nylon. I raised my eyes to the ceiling and said we’d never sell them. Then we pulled some more out and I got excited. Over two thirds of them are embroidered cotton net with “Made in England” labels. Labels never say that these days. My most cautious guess was that they’re 1960s, although I thought they were older.. I recommended someone who could tell us more about them. It turns out they’re ’40s or ’50s. We don’t yet know their value, but it will be high. I expect we’ll sell them online.
        I love working in the Oxfam shop 🙂

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  13. I have many many of these handkerchiefs from my mother-in-law and I wanted to find a way to display them and i like this idea best, it also gives me a way to gift some to family members.

  14. What a great idea! It’s lovely! I have a few pretty vintage hankies from my mom, so does my sister. I will definitely share this with her. I’m going to see if I have enough for the rectangular frame.

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  18. I have tons of handkerchiefs that I would like to sell if anyone is interested. They are vintage and one of a kind.

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