15 Statement Necklaces You Don’t Want To Miss!

BluKatDesign Statement necklace featured here in ” 15 Statement Necklaces You Don’t Want To Miss!”

Swanheart Jewelry

I’ve done a bit of searching on Etsy to see what beautiful statement necklaces I could find.  Truly eye-catching necklaces that made me say “WOW!”  A statement necklace is for the purpose of, well…making a statement!  Something that really showcases who you are and what you’re about.  It sets the person wearing it apart from everyone else and adds to their never ending uniqueness.

These are necklaces that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re into the big and the bold, which is very popular in today’s fashion and they’re all made by very talented Etsy artisans.

These are displayed in no particular order of greatness!  

1.  Turquoise Spikes Warrior Necklace by Atelier Yumi

Turquoise Spikes Warrior Necklace – $68

2.  Fallen Angel Gold Statement Necklace by Xanadulady Creations

Gold Statement Necklace by Xadadulady on Etsy Fallen Angel Gold Statement Necklace – $49.95

3.  Chunky Pearl and Rhinestone Wedding Necklace by

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Big Statement Rings – Button Jewelry – Upcycling

upcycled button rings

Upcycled button rings

I am not sure why I didn’t make these cool upcycled button rings sooner, they are so fun to make and wear! I just love arranging new and vintage buttons from my button stash to make cool color combinations for button pendants and now button statement rings! This is my first time wire wrapping,  I like the look of the aluminum wire but I make them with silver and gold plated and copper too!  I will also be making these in adjustable rings that will be perfect for gift giving so be sure to check out my Esty shop frequently for new  button jewelry!

vintage button ring

Vintage button ring with turquoise button

button ring

Stacked button ring in orange

flower button ring

Flower statement button ring in turquoise

button ring

Wire wrapped stacked button ring

mod target button ring

Mod target button ring

seahawks ring

Statement ring in Seattle Seahawks colors

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board: Button Jewelry for more rings, pendants, statement necklaces made from repurposed buttons!

What do you think of my button rings? Comments Welcome!

Handmade Seahawks Jewelry

seahawks fashion

Seattle Seahawks 12th Woman Fashion


I am not much of a football fan, I prefer baseball. My husband and so many of my friends are really into the Seahawks. Everyone seems to want Seahawks jewelry that is stylish and fun to wear but that is so hard to find!  The Seahawks color combo is a real challenge (for me!)  to make something that is fashionable and feminine but I love challenges! I have made upcycled bobby pin necklaces in the past but now I am having fun with Seahawks button pendants, earrings and rings! Most of the items I make are one-of-a-kind, made with vintage buttons so if you see something you like, you better grab it while you can; just click on the photos to go to my Etsy shop!


seahawks necklace

Sold! Upcycled bobby pin necklace in Seattle Seahawks colors


Seahawks button rings

Button rings in Seattle Seahawks colors


seahawks button necklace

Seahawks button pendant necklaces in antiqued bronze or silver


button earrings

Unique button earrings in Seahawks colors


seahawks button ring

Number one again this year? Seahawks button ring


For more Sports team jewelry follow my Pinterest board: Team Spirit


What is your favorite team? What color combos do you like? Comments welcomed!

Inside BluKatDesign Jewelry and Craft Studio

BluKatDesign studio

BluKatDesign Jewelry and Crafts Studio

Inside BluKatDesign Jewelry and Craft Studio

I love my large studio, I have been in this location for three years. Before that I was working out of a tiny room and before that my dining room!  I like how I can have several work stations for various crafts and jewelry so I don’t have to shuffle my things around to use a space….well at least most of the time….or maybe some of the time! It seems I could always use more space! My favorite things about my studio are the size, high ceilings and the light! As you walk inside you see my extra table usually loaded with buttons and other projects:

craft room

Craft room

handmade jewelry

Most of my jewelry is stored in boxes but I have some on display

jewelry studio

BluKatDesign jewelry and craft studio

photo studio

My jewelry photo studio


A spot for my laminator to make my bookmarks

sewing station

Sewing station with my new Baby Lock machine

craft cart

I wish I had a larger island with storage but this craft cart does the job for now!

craft closet

Messy closet! This is where I do my packaging!

craft closet

Wish I had a better work space in the closet!

crafting closet

Craft closet could use some more organization!

craft room

Buttons, jewelry storage, miniatures

bead storage



My main workspace; right now I am working on button pendants.

For more behind the scenes of BluKatDesgin follow my Pinterest boards: BluKatDesign Studio and for craft room ideas: Crafts room ideas

Here is a video of my workspace:

As you can see, I have a ton of space, just need a little more organization! Since I am short I can’t have high storage for items I use.


Any more organization tips for my jewelry studio and comments are welcomed below!

Day of the Dead Fashion, Accessories and Jewelry

day of the dead fashion

Day of the Dead Fashion, Accessories and Jewelry

Día de Muertos

I just love the festive colors of the Day of the Dead celebration. I’ve always liked skulls so these colorful sugar skulls are so inspiring to me! I make Day of the Dead inspired hair accessories or hair sticks, long upcycled glass knob pendants with sugar skulls and colorful tassel earrings with dyed howlite skull beads. Below is a pretty pink long upcycled glass knob necklace with a colorful chain. Just click on the photos to take you to my shop!

sugar skull pendant

Long sugar skull necklace pendant with colorful chain

hair sticks

Red sugar skulls with angel wings hair sticks

day of the dead hair accessories

Day of the Dead inspired hair accessories

sugar skull earrings

pink sugar skull tassel earrings

day of the dead earrings

Colorful Day of the Dead inspired earrings

Be sure to check out my Etsy Store for these and more Day of the Dead inspired jewelry  and accessories!

Follow my Pinterest board: Day of the Dead Ideas

Do you love these colorful sugar skull as much as I do? Comments welcomed here!

Handmade Repurposed Vintage Button Necklace Pendants

button pendants

Handmade Repurposed Vintage Button Necklace Pendants

I love collecting interesting buttons and making  ( or upcycling into) simple stacked button pendants for everyday using both new and vintage buttons. It is a challenge finding cool new and vintage buttons that are unique and that will fit into my pendant bezels. The big brass button in the center I had since I was a kid so I decided to keep it, all of the others you can find in my Etsy jewelry and gift store plus more!  My favorite buttons are the antique mirrored filigree brass, patterned lucite and shimmery mother of pearl.  These button necklace pendants are so fun to make, nothing here is mass produced. Most of these pendants are one of a kind or very limited; it just depends on my button stash! I also love making button earrings and magnet sets too!


button necklace

Turquoise with vintage copper button pendant from my button stash

seahawks pendants

Fun Seattle Seahawks button pendants with upcycled vintage mother of pearl buttons

button necklace pendant

Mother of pearl button pendant

fall 2014 accessories

Fall 2014 Accessories

vintage button necklace

Cute as a button!

green button necklace

Light green button pendant with vintage silver button

upcycled button necklace

Upcycled button necklace

mod target pendant

Mod fashion; Mod target button pendant

button necklaces

Mirrored vintage button necklace pendants

For more button jewelry and gifts, follow my Pinterest board:  Button Jewelry

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop loaded with handmade repurposed  button earrings , button statement necklaces  and button magnets too!

Do you like buttons? Comments welcomed 🙂