Fiber Art Jewelry – Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

fabric earrings

Fabric wire wrapped earrings

Fiber Art Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

Fiber art jewelry; earrings and necklaces made from fabric, ribbon then wire wrapped with glass beads. My newest line of upcycled jewelry made from my fabric and wire stash. I just love all of the colors and textures, these are so fun to make! The beads remind me of those expensive art glass beads but without the weight. Like little pieces of art, everything is one-of-a-kind and not mass produced. You can find my fabric art jewelry in my Etsy store. Click on the photos to take you to the items in my store:

purple fabric earrings

Purple fabric earrings

fabric earrings

Colorful earrings made from Guatemalan fabric scrap

fabric jewelry

Fabric and pearl necklace earring set

green fabric earrings

fiber art jewelry earrings

handmade earrings

Earrings made from fuzzy ribbon

fabric earrings

fabric tube earrings

To make these yourself,  see my tutorial : DIY wire wrapped fabric beads.  For more upcycled jewelry, follow my Pinterest board:  Upcycled Jewelry

Stay tuned for more colors and shapes! Would you wear fabric or fiber jewelry? Comments welcomed 🙂

3 Easy Stylish DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Jewelry tutorials

3 Easy Stylish DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Three simple and stylish DIY jewelry making tutorials. I love making jewelry but I don’t have a lot of time to work on time consuming or tedious projects like I used to. Here a some fun, easy jewelry makings tutorials that even beginner can do! There is even a tip for advanced jewelers! You can make up some new earrings to match that new outfit in no time!



1) Wire wrapped fabric beads; made from scrap fabric, ribbon, wire and glass seed beads. These beads have the looks of fancy glass beads; use them to make necklaces and earrings or use the technique for other projects: DIY Bead Tutorial


bead tutorial

Wire wrapped fabric bead tutorial



2) Simple drop earrings; DIY Earring Tutorial   A beginner can make these elegant vintage style hoop earrings with links to find the all of the supplies.


drop earrings tutorial

Simple drop earring tutorial


3) DIY Bead Dangle Earrings Tutorial  using gorgeous porcelain beads from  The Bead Mixer.  Easy enough for a beginner but with a tip  that an advanced jeweler can appreciate for those larger hole beads that wobble and turn!

Bead dangle earrings DIY for beginners

Bead dangle earrings DIY for beginners



For more tutorials please see:  5 Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Also follow my Pinterest board : Jewelry Tutorials

Do you like making jewelry? Comments welcomed

How to Cook Wild Mushrooms – Fall Mushrooming

fall colors

How to Cook Wild Mushrooms – Fall Mushrooming

Fall is my favorite time of year; I love hunting for mushrooms in the cool crisp autumn air! I love hunting for white chanterelles, matsutakes, hedgehog mushrooms and whatever edibles I can find.

hunting for mushrooms

Super Secret Chanterelle Patch

white chanterelle

White Chanterelle

Cooking wild mushrooms can be tricky. I always dry saute most my fresh wild mushrooms, usually with onions. Wild mushrooms have a high water content so if you just add a bunch of butter and fry, they will turn into a slimy mess! That’s what turns most people off from eating mushrooms. Using the right cooking techniques for the right mushrooms is important. For fussy eaters you can try mixing them in with pasta so the textures just blend.

Steps for cooking:  slice your wild mushrooms up and throw them into a a stainless steel pan; non-stick pans are not good to use because the mushrooms will pick up an odd flavor! Below are my favorite white chanterelles; much firmer and tastier than the yellow chanterelles. Sometimes you can find them in farmer’s markets and are usually cheaper! They cook up golden just like the yellow chanterelles. I added a little chopped onion; garlic can easily over power wild mushrooms especially chanterelles. Shallots work nicely with mushrooms too.

dry saute wild mushrooms

Dry Saute Chanterelle Mushrooms

Continue dry sauteing the moisture out of your wild mushrooms. Don’t worry about the mushrooms sticking to the pan; within minutes you will get a “soup” of liquid. Check out all of the liquid in my Bear’s Head Coral mushrooms:

Bears head coral mushroom

Cooking Bear’s Head Coral Mushrooms

Continue to saute until all of the liquid is gone. You can add all of the butter you want at the end of cooking when all of the excess moisture is gone. Then you can either serve as a side dish, just add a little salt and pepper, or add to a main dish. My favorite chanterelle dish is pasta, chanterelles, onion, a little fresh chopped rosemary, Parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts. The rosemary gives the dish an earthy woodsy taste. I also love wild mushroom risotto.

cooking wild mushrooms

Add butter at the end of cooking wild mushrooms!

cooking bolete mushrooms

Bolele Mushroom

Cooking Bolete Mushrooms: Bolete mushrooms can be extra slimy! Dry sauteing fresh new bolete buttons in this manner works great but the bigger, more mature boletes tend to taste (and feel) best if dried. The drying enhances the flavor and for some reason they are less slimy. My favorite bolete dish is pasta and boletes with cream sauce. You can also powder the dried mushrooms to add to soups and sauces.

matsutake mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake mushrooms are special. Sauteing would kill the earthy cinnamon pine aroma and flavor! It is best to grill these to enhance the roasty flavor. Since I don’t have an outdoor grill, I use a George Foreman grill! I first brush them lightly with sesame oil. After grilling I like to slice them very thin and add them to to a Japanese style sir fry or noodles. They are also great pickled!

freezing wild mushrooms

Freezing wild mushrooms

Freezing fresh mushrooms usually doesn’t work very well; they can get super slimy. Freezing dry sauted mushrooms works like a charm; they can stay frozen for months and taste great! A Food Saver  would be perfect for this! It is fun to have mushrooms all year round!

chicken of the woods

Laeliporous conifericola, chicken of the woods; photo Raoul LeBlanc

Be sure you know what you are picking! Take a class, get a book and go out with experts several times to learn more about mushrooms!



mushroom hunting

How many matsutakes can you find?

I love the challenge of finding mushrooms too! I think there were seven of them in this patch! Just when we found these we spotted a deer:


Find the deer!

Do you love mushrooming or cooking wild mushrooms? Comments welcomed here!

One Lovely Blog Award


One Lovely Blog Award nominations are chosen by fellow bloggers for those newer and up-and-coming bloggers. The goal is to help give recognition and also to help the new blogger to reach more viewers. It also recognizes blogs that are considered to be “lovely” by the fellow blogger who choose them.

Requirements upon accepting this award: thank the person who nominated you, share 7 things about yourself, nominate 15 blogs and contact them, include the  One Lovely Blog Award logo in the post.

Thank-you Betti from for nominating my blog!

7 fun bits about me:

1) I have been creating since I was born!

2) I am a hermit

3) I used to compete in power lifting and did quite well

4) was born without a middle name

5) I am under 5′ tall

6) I love hiking and mushrooming!

7) just lost 15 lbs!

For the One Lovely Blog Award I nominate (in no special order):


Hair Sticks, Accessories for Long Hair

hair sticks

Hair Accessories by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Hair Sticks, Accessories for Long Hair

Even though my hair is short, I love making hair sticks! A few years ago a customer asked me to make some hair sticks for her in the same style as the earrings I make. It seemed  like a fun project and I am still making and selling them today! I love collecting unique beads and vintage beads so hair sticks are a great way to display my fabulous bead finds!  Hair sticks are perfect for today’s messy bun styles and also for updos for an evening out, prom or wedding. They also make great gifts for the long haired ladies!

matching earrings

Handmade earrings to match!

blue hair sticks

Sky Blue Hair Sticks


Hairstick Ornaments in Juicy Orange

splarkly hair sticks

Sparkly Hair Bling

zebra hairsticks

Zebra Hair Accessories

bridal hair accessories

Wedding Hair Accessories

Check out my super fun and funky, colorful and festive Day of the Dead inspired skull hair sticks too!

See this great video:  How To Use Hair Sticks  for an easy updo using hair sticks by

See my Esty store for more hair accessories for long hair!

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board for more hair sticks and styling ideas: Hair Ideas

Have you used hairs sticks or want to try using them? Comments welcomed!

Handmade Earrings – Jewelry Online

dangling button earrings

Handmade Earrings – Jewelry Online at BluKatDesign on Etsy

I love making earrings; I make all sorts of different styles. I get inspired by the latest colors, fashion trends or a great vintage bead or button find.  Sometimes I just need a pair to go with a new outfit! I make button earrings in cluster dangles, hoops and studs also beaded, upcycled vintage, flower, mandalas and more! In the photo above, The Vintage Inspired Passionista is sporting my turquoise button cluster dangle earrings.  Playing with color is especially fun as in my button hoop earrings and mandalas. I  also really enjoy taking old vintage clip-ons and making something new and fun for today’s styles. Making jewelry that I like to wear;  that is casual, comfortable and affordable is important to me too. Please visit my online Etsy store for button earrings and other unique handmade earrings ; over 130 unique different styles to choose from! Handmade earrings make a great gift too; a girl can’t have too many earrings!


cluster button earrings

Button Cluster Dangle Earrings


dangling bead earrings

Floral bead dangle earrings


upcycled earrings

Repurposed Vintage Earrings


mandala earrings

Mandala Earrings


vintage inspired earrings

Vintage Inspired Earrings


button earrings

Hoop earrings with vintage mother of pearl buttons


colorful earrings

Colorful Earrings


Be sure to follow my Pinterest board: Handmade Earrings

Which style is your favorite? Do you wear handmade earrings?  Comments welcome!