O Christmas Tree: Nostalgic Upcycle With Vintage Cookie Cutters and Old Christmas Cards

O Christmas Tree: Nostalgic Upcycle With Vintage Cookie

Cutters and Old Christmas Cards


By BluKatDesign on Etsy

I have an obsession with Christmas ornaments, I love collecting and and making them so this year I decided to make more and sell them in my Etsy store! I received a set of vintage cookie cutters from my mother-in-law and since I save my Christmas cards I was able to make this gorgeous set (learn how to make them too!) here: Christmas Crafts: Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments DIY  Now I am loving making these and plan on adding more styles of ornaments  and vintage jewelry trees next year! The following ornaments are available now and can be on your tree in 3 days: (click on photos to take you to my Etsy store)


Set of 5 vintage copper cookie cutter ornaments

Set of 5 rustic vintage copper cookie cutter ornaments



vintage inspired Christmas

Vintage inspired ornaments made with old Christmas cards


Cookie cutter ornament set of 4

Cookie cutter ornament set of 4 with birds and berries



Repurposed vintage ornament set of 5 in blue

Repurposed vintage ornament set of 5 in blue


These ornaments are great for a vintage or rustic Christmas theme or a classic Christmas tree. They add a nostalgic charm to any style tree and will last for years to come!  Get them in sets five, four and threes now and singles will be available soon! In addition to ornaments, I specialize in unique and one-of-a-kind handmade artisan and upcycled jewelry so be sure to check out my Etsy store for special gifts!


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Like what you are seeing here? Should I make more? Comments welcome…

Christmas Crafts: Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments DIY


Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Christmas Crafts: Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments DIY


By Heather O’Cain, artist/upcycler at BluKatDesign on Etsy


Do you love a vintage Christmas theme?  My style is sleek modern but for Christmas I love the vintage charm! I got an early start this year in making Christmas decorations, I just finished a fabulous vintage jewelry Christmas tree last week!  I received most of the vintage jewelry and these cookie cutters from my late mother-in-law.  For making the ornaments, you will need some old Christmas cards or sheet music, pearl strands or lace, vintage jewelry, charms, flowers, ribbon, gold cord for hanging and a glue gun!


DIY christmas crafts

Make ornaments using cookie cutters, paper flowers, ribbon, vintage beads and old Christmas cards


Trace around the cutter on the card, then make your cut slightly inside the line


Hot glue the Christmas card inside the cutter then glue vintage beads and paper flowers, I may add glitter later…

DIY vintage cookie cutter ornament

Tie a cord around the handle on the back and hot glue a ribbon bow!


Assemblage ornament

Assemblage ornament


DIY christmas crafts ornaments



DIY holiday crafts



DIY Christmas decorations crafts



handmade christmas ornaments DIY



vintage ornaments crafts



Vintage cookie cutter ornaments

Vintage cookie cutter ornaments

Usually I don’t get a chance to make Christmas decorations until AFTER Christmas. These were easy and quick to make so I could fit them in with all my jewelry making this year. Not sure when the tree will go up but it will be after Thanksgiving!


NOW AVAILABLE ON ETSY: Handmade vintage cookie cutter ornaments


For more Vintage Christmas ideas see my board on Pinterest: Vintage Christmas

Do you love the Vintage theme for Christmas? Do you love making ornaments? Comments welcome!

DIY Christmas Crafts: Vintage Jewelry Tree Cone Decoration

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Crafts: Vintage Jewelry Tree Cone Decoration


Have some vintage jewelry or old costume jewelry you never wear? Well, this is a great project for you! Since I collect vintage jewelry for my handmade upcycled jewelry business, BluKatDesign, I had a big collection of beautiful Christmas brooches from my mother-in-law, some not-so-nice or broken pieces and a few strands of pearls and beads that were not usable for my jewelry making but nice enough for this project. You can find great deals at estate sales and if you are lucky, eBay! For the cone tree form, you can use a styrofoam one but I found a heavy cardboard cone with green velvet for 50% off at Joann’s, which is cheaper and sturdier than the styrofoam!

Tools & Materials:

vintage and old brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces

strands of pearls and beads

loose beads and pearls


hot glue gun & glue

Christmas tree cone, this one is 16″, see pic below:



I arranged the brooches on the cone to see what it would look like first


I pinned the good brooches without using glue so they could be removed in the future if necessary and then used a hot glue gun for the rest. For filler, I made bead clusters using stands of vintage pearls (6 beads) and gluing them in a circle to scrap fabric and top with a bigger bead in the center and cutting them out when cooled:



I then used pins to fill any more spaces with beads and pearls.  This is how it turned out:





I really love how sparkly and elegant it looks. I think it would make a great centerpiece for a dinner table. This project was fairly simple but sometimes it was difficult pinning the brooches. It is so much easier to pin them to clothing than to this cone!  I cheated a couple times and tacked the stubborn ones with a bit of glue. I have seen these trees done with buttons too! The coolest thing about this project I did it BEFORE Christmas!

See more DIY Christmas crafts here: Button Crafts: DIY Christmas Wreath and Ornaments


Do you do Christmas crafts? What is your favorite thing to make? Like the idea of a vintage jewelry tree? Comments welcome!