Lightweight Filigree Earrings in Fashion Colors for Summer

filigree earrings

Lightweight Filigree Disc Earrings


Lightweight Filigree Earrings in Fashion Colors for Summer

Hand painted colorful lightweight filigree disc earrings in fashion colors from BluKatDesign on Etsy.  These fun earrings are so lightweight and easy to wear, perfect for summer or anytime! They come in all of the fashion colors like neons, dazzling blue, shimmery pink, plum, white lace and more.


blue filigree earrings

Blue Filigree Earrings


fashion ideas

Fashion ideas; what to wear with your colorful filigree earrings


filigree earrings

Shimmery pink filigree earrings


filigree earrings

Lacy Filigree Earrings in silvery white


fashion inspiration - Filigree Earrings

Fashion inspiration – filigree earrings


patina finish

Hand painted antiqued patina finish on filigree earrings


My favorites are the blue green “antiqued patina”. See my  faux patina tutorial on how to make them yourself!

For more unique earrings follow my Pinterest board:  Colorful Earrings


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DIY Mannequin Head Sculpture

DIY mannequin head sculptures

DIY Crafts

DIY Crafts Mannequin Head Sculpture

Need to add a little shimmer and glam to your decor? Here is a fairly simple way to decorate mannequin heads. All you need is a styrofoam mannequin head, I get mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply for under $5. You will need some newspaper or tissue paper, decoupage glue, gold, silver, copper or any color leaf, adhesive size and a sealer. I use Mona Lisa  adhesive and size by Speedball found in larger craft stores. You will need a super soft natural brush to smooth out the leaf and another brush for painting on the size.

adhesive size

Mona Lisa Adhesive Size by Speedball

Step 1: To cover up the styrofoam texture and seams  I decoupaged tissue paper over the head, filling in any dents and seams and let dry over night then you can either sand smooth or just rub out any unwanted wrinkles with your fingernail. I left mine wrinkly for texture. I painted my head dark brown just in case any silver leaf didn’t stick ( I didn’t want white showing through)

mannequin head crafts

Craft ideas using mannequin heads

Step 2: Paint a thin coat of your adhesive size; I used a water based product and it was tacky within 10 minutes but yours may take up to 1/2 hour.

Step 3: Carefully and gently pick up a sheet of the leaf with the paper underneath and press the leaf  to the head using the paper not you fingers, rubbing lightly to get it to stick. Use the soft natural brush to rub off any excess.  You might want to do a google search for a you tube video if you have never done this before trying! Then you just repeat the process until the head is covered. If you miss any spots you can just take a little piece of leaf and press!

Step 4: Unless you are using 24K gold, you must use a sealer made for leafing or it will tarnish; I let the head dry overnight before sealing with the Mona Lisa Sealer by Speedball.

See my decoupage mannequin heads  tutorial to see how to make the head using a map and other fun papers!


Silver leaf mannequin head sculpture

DIY  Silver Leaf Mannequin Head Sculpture


Mannequin Head Sculptures

Mannequin Head Sculptures

Mannequin head sculptures DIY

DIY Decor

Follow my Pinterest board: DIY Ideas for more fun home decor ideas!

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Upcycled Jewelry: Making Something New Out of Vintage

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry Necklace

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry Necklace

Upcycled Jewelry:  Making Something New Out of Vintage

 Reuse, remake, repurpose old vintage jewelry into something new!

I  love to make upcycled jewelry that is one-of-a-kind, totally unique and is fashionable and fun to wear today! I like to collect interesting vintage jewelry, buttons and parts….sometimes they sit for a long time on my bench waiting for the right combination of parts to come together for a fabulous piece. The vintage flower necklace above, made from brooches and earrings, just came together easily one day  but others take time just finding the perfect pieces to fit just right. From elaborate necklace statements to a simple repurposed pendant or earrings, I love the challenge of taking something old and maybe even a little funky and making something new, stylish and easy to wear! Nothing I make is mass produced, I like making everything at least a slightly bit different each time so everything is unique.  I have a variety unique customers from  11 years old to 75 years who really appreciate the uniqueness and handmade work!

upcycled Jewelry

Repurposed Vintage Yellow Flower Statement Necklace

vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry on my bench; what should I make with it?

upcycled pendant

Upcycled Vintage Necklace Pendant

collage pendant

Collage pendant made from a vintage earring and parts.

vintage flower earrings

Flower dangle earrings made from vintage 1960’s clip-ons!

upcycled jewlery

Edgy Vintage Flower Choker with gunmetal

Be sure to check out my etsy store for modern upcycled jewelry made from repurposed  bobby pins , buttons and repuposed glass drawer knobs!

On Pinterest, follow my  Vintage Inspired JewelryUpcycled Jewelry board or Button Jewelry boards  for more fun jewelry.

Do you like the Vintage Inspired look or a more modern look? Do you like the idea of upcycling? All comments are welcomed below. Thank-you for visiting:)

Repurposed Glass Knob Pendant Necklaces


upcycled jewelry

Repurposed Glass Knob Necklaces found in my Etsy shop

Repurposed Glass Knob Pendant Necklaces

I love to upcycle everyday items and make them into fabulous fun to wear jewelry! These long pendulum pendant necklaces with chain tassels are made from wood and glass drawer knobs! Each pendant is one-of-a-kind and unique.  No one just has one of these necklaces, they usually buy at least two!  Abby from the  Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog has a collection!


upcycled necklace

The VIP has a collection of  BluKatDesign  upcycled knob necklaces!

Glass knob necklace

Day of the Dead upcycled glass knob necklace


long upcycled glass knob necklace

Long upcycled fashion necklace


Be sure to follow my Upcycled Jewelry board on Pinterest for more repurposed necklaces and earrings!


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Happy Birthday Zoe the Shih Tzu!

Zoe is 3 years old today!

Zoe is 3 years old today!



Zoe, the ShihTzu is 3 years old today! I love her stubborn personality, I guess she is  the perfect dog  for stubborn dog parents! We’ve had her since she was a pup, my first dog!

The Birthday “cake” is dog food frosted with plain yogurt decorated with shredded carrots and peas, YUM! This year she is on a raw food diet so the cake will be raw beef with the yogurt frosting!

Birthday Cake for Dog!

Birthday Cake for Dog!

dog magnets

Dog magnets

You can find Zoe in my Etsy store too! I make colorful pop art  pet magnets that make great gifts for log lovers!

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Decoupage Earrings Mixed Media Art Jewelry

mixed media earrings

DIY mixed media earrings


Decoupage Earrings Mixed Media Art Jewelry

These are my latest decoupage and embossed hand stamped earrings made from scrap paper and wood discs. Like little pieces of art, they are all unique and one-of-a-kind.  You can either make these yourself; see my DIY  earrings tutorial or find these and other lightweight, colorful unique handmade earrings  ready to ship in my Etsy store!



Find these handmade Earrings in my Etsy shop!

Find these handmade Earrings in my Etsy shop!


blue dangle earrings


For more DIY Jewelry Tutorials please check  out my Pinterest board:  DIY Jewelry Tutorials:


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6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials


DIY Decoupage crafts

6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials

6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials 

I don’t know why decoupage is so addicting and fun, maybe it is a quick way to transform an item into something new.

Here are six of my favorite DIY decoupage craft projects and tutorials:

decoupage manniquin heads crafts

Decoupage Mannequin Heads


1) DIY Decoupage Mannequin Heads: fun and funky way to make easy sculptures for your decor using maps, newspaper or colorful decoupage paper!


DIY Decoupage Earrings Tutorial

DIY Decoupage Earrings Tutorial


2) DIY decoupage Map Earrings Tutorial: Make stylish and colorful earrings using old maps of your favorite places.


DIY decoupage earrings with hand stamped gold

DIY decoupage earrings with hand stamped gold


3) DIY hand stamped, embossed and decoupaged earrings: Make beautiful artsy earrings using scrap paper and gold embossing powder.


mixed media art

Mixed Media With Decoupage Maps


4) Spruce up an old acrylic mixed media painting with decoupage!


decoupage sheet music balls

decoupage sheet music balls


5) Make decorative balls for home decor or decoupage Christmas ornaments using upcycled sheet music.


decoupage bust for jewelry display

decoupage bust for jewelry display


6) Make your own unique decoupage bust to display or store your jewelry.



For more craft ideas please follow my Pinterest board:  Handmade Craft Ideas:


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5 Jewelers and Crafters Workbench Tips to Stay Organized

jewelry making

5 Jewelers and Crafters Workbench Tips to Stay Organized


1) For beading use plastic canvas to keep your beads from rolling all over the place see: Beading Tips – Jewelry Making


2) Attach a yardstick to the edge of your workbench or table to keep it handy and you will never lose your ruler again! See Crafters Workbench Tips.

yardstick on workbench

3) To keep organized,  I have several main work stations; a sewing station, a paper station, photography station and my main workbench.


4) Lose your scissors? Tie a string to them and attach them to each crafting workstation.


5) Finally clean up after each project! Leave room for a new project!  Keep items you don’t use as much on the closet or containers. I am the kind of person who like to leave stuff out for inspiration, have an area specifically for this!

For more craft room organizing tips see my post:  Bead Storage- Craft Room Ideas .  To see more of my workspace check out the video: BluKatDesign Jewelry and Craft Studio and follow my Pinterest board Crafts Room Ideas:


 Do you have any good tips to stay organized? Comments welcomed below: