VIP Interview: Jewelry Artisan Heather O’Cain of BluKatDesign

The VIP’s interview with me! Click on “Vintage Inspired Passionista” right below for the full interview:

5 Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorials

The five top easy  jewelry tutorials from BluKatKraft Blog

1)   DIY Collage Necklace Pendants made with vintage jewelry parts form earrings , broken jewelry, beads or what ever you can find!. Thanks to Pearl at Beading Gem’s Journal  for featuring my tutorial in her blog it became a popular post, even Jewelry Affaire Magazine later featured it in Spring 2013!  Click on the first photo to take you to the tutorial or see my latest collage pendants in my etsy shop!

pendant tutorial

DIY Collage pendants made from vintage jewelry parts

Collage Pendant Tutorial

My tutorial featured in Jewelry Affaire Magazine, Spring 2013

2)   DIY Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial,  (also thanks to Beading Gem for the how-to part!)  Make  pendants from your own photos or scrapbook paper. My latest mandala pendants made from a computer program called Weave Silk. Click on the photo to take you to the tutorial:

mandala pendants

DIY glass tile pendants

3)   DIY  Bobby Pin Necklace; The Seven Minute Statement Necklace! You can find bobby pins in cool colors now but  if you paint the bobby pins  or make variations (like below), it will take longer than seven minutes!  See more upcycled bobby pin jewelry in my Etsy shop. Click on the first photo for the tutorial!

tribal necklace

DIY Bobby Pin Necklace

upcycled Jewelry

Bobby Pin Pendant

4)   DIY Upcycled  Chain  Necklace tutorial with scrap chain and beads done in a patchwork style. This is a great one for beginners!

5)   See my latest jewelry tutorial to make a fabulous button necklace from vintage buttons and brooches. You can find more button necklaces in my Etsy shop!

DIY Button Bib Necklace

DIY button bib necklace

For more jewelry making ideas see my Pinterest board for DIY Jewelry Tutorials. If you have any fun jewelry tutorials feel free to post your link 🙂

Have you tried any of these tutorials or made any new jewelry pieces lately? Comments welcomed below!

Shopping In My Own Closet

It’s a little early but I am in the spring cleaning mode. Started with the garage last weekend, this weekend it is my closet. I pulled about seven pairs of shoes out that I never wear and donated them. That cleared out one shoe rack and I gave it to Dennis  so his shoes wouldn’t be in a heap (He’s the shoe guy!) They say to get rid of clothes you never wear after a year but I always hold on to them a lot longer….for years,  and so glad I did! I found some cozy warm wool leggings to wear around the house and  a nice warm wool sweater that fits me better now! I also found some cool summer tops that just were too clingy to wear the last couple of summers but silly me I didn’t even think to try  pairing them with my favorite wool cardigan for winter! The chartreuse really brightens up the gray  plus I have matching filigree disc earrings:

clean out your closet!

Fun finds right inside my closet!

filigree earrings

Radiant Orchid Filigree Earrings from BluKatDesign on Etsy

Here is another cool top I didn’t wear because it is kind of backless and a little too clingy but looks great with my favorite cardigan! Add some bright sparkly colored earrings and I have a new outfit!

new outfit

Great Finds From My Own Closet

glitter ball dangle earrings

Sparkly  Earrings with Gunmetal by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Now I have a bunch of “new” outfits so I don’t have to wear my same “uniform” every week!

My fashion tips:
1)  Buy quality classics, basic colors
2)  Add new colorful fashion costume jewelry to make a new outfit
3)  Go through your wardrobe once or twice a year, try different combos, don’t get in a rut!

Check out my most popular and “viral” Pinterest board, Organize and Clean for ideas on organizing your closet and the rest of your house!

Do you have any cool  fashion tips you want to share? Comments are welcomed!


Colorful Mandalas: Pendants and Magnets Made From Computer Generative Art

mandala pendant

Mandala Pendant from BluKatDesign on Etsy

 Colorful Mandalas

Mandala Pendants and Magnets Made From Computer Generative Art

Mandala or Kaleidoscope pendants are so fun and relaxing to make!  I make them on a computer program called Weave Silk; where you can watch or even interact with a mandala I created or start a new one yourself! Then I print the pattern up and make glass tile pendants or colorful magnets. (I got permission from the creator of Weave Silk before I sold them.)


Mandala created on Weave Silk Interactive Generative Computer Program

I hope you find this program as fun and relaxing as I do, it is kind of an art therapy or meditation!

Have you tried out the program or know of other fun programs and how do you like it? Comments welcomed!

5 DIY Easy Wall Art Projects

Top  5  easy DIY  art projects from BluKatKraft Blog for adults and kids; just click on the photos for the tutorials:

1) DIY  Wall Art Tutorial  with string;  just glue on the string and paint for textured color  for your wall!  The yellow helped to brighten a dark corner! A little messy canvas art DIY but fun for kids too:

diy wall art

DIY wall art tutorial with string!

2) DIY CD wall art; Paint a canvas and glue old CDs! This too will add some life to a dark room! This is perfect for my office.  So easy, kids can do it! A great easy art upcycling project:

cd wall art

DIY Upcycled CD wall art

3) DIY Fabric Wall Art;  A quick and easy art project. Take an old frame & add fabric! I like this idea for a bathroom or kitchen; the glass protects the fabric from moisture or grime and it is easy to clean! I love this Damask fabric so much I used it in all three of my bathrooms!

easy wall art

DIY Fabric Wall Art

4) Create Textures in Acrylic Painting:  Canvas art DIY,  experiment using bubble wrap, plastic bags, paper hole punches and more:

acrylic painting tips

Create Textures in Acrylics

5) DIY Upcycled plastic lid mosaic, this one is one of my favorites,  fun art projects and has been featured on several other  arts and crafts blogs:

recycled plastic art

Repurposed Plastic Lid Mosaic


See more home decor craft ideas using maps: Art and Craft Ideas Using Maps for Decor


Have you tried any of these or have any easy wall art ideas?  Comments are welcomed here!


7 Top Looks From The VIP Blog and BluKatDesign Jewelry

Vintage Inspired Passionista

Flower earrings worn by the Vintage Inspired Passionista

I “met” Abby when she was only sixteen …or maybe fifteen, she was such an amazing kid blogger it was hard to believe she was only 16!  Now she is already 18 and so grown up and busy living in Alabama as a freelance writer, stylist, and blogger!  I think her mom bought some jewelry from me a couple years ago for her to use on Abby’s blog, The Vintage Inspired Passionista and later I asked if they wanted to trade some more jewelry for photos.  I get some awesome photos of my jewelry and Abby gets some cool jewelry in return plus they are some of my best customers too! In the top photo  Abby is sporting my button stud earrings.  Above she is wearing my vintage inspired enameled pink flower earrings!  Be sure to click on the photos of Abby to see her articles!  I make these flower earrings in many colors and sometimes make flower pendants also! Below is a pair in turquoise:

flower earrings

Vintage Inspired Flower Dangle Earrings

long necklace

The VIP looking fab in a long upcycled necklace from BluKatDesign on Etsy

This is one of my favorite looks that Abby has put together; with the coolest green dress, leather jacket and a long necklace made from an upcycled glass knob!  These necklaces are so fun to make; I have them in all sorts of colors including this colorful Day of the Dead inspired necklace:

long necklace

Upcycled Necklace made from a glass knob!

repurposed necklace

Long Cool Upcycled Knob Necklace (she’s got a collection of them!)

vintage inspired passionista

Abby, the VIP with BKD earrings!

I am not quite sure how to describe these earrings; kind of modern but vintage!  These are very sparkly and made with interesting vintage tube beads that have gold glitter in them. They are a neutral color so they go with anything. Long skinny earrings flatter wider faces like mine!   I love how Abby paired them with a teal blazer (my color!) .

Check the dangle earrings out in my Etsy store:

glitter ball earrings

Sparkling Hot!

These are my glittery, sparkling disco ball dangle earrings;  they are fun to wear!  I also make these retro style earrings in black, silver, red, lavender and more!

repurposed vintage

The VIP with a BKD Repurposed Vintage Necklace

I love this look with an upcycled minty light green heart shaped necklace made from vintage brooches and earrings!  I love all of these colors together; they work perfectly because they are the same tone.  A lot of my necklaces are one of a kind; I have similar vintage button necklaces in my shop made with vintage buttons and earrings:


Vintage inspired necklace

Vintage Inspired Necklace Made From Vintage Buttons and Earrings!

There are just too many other cool outfits Abby has put together using BluKatDesign jewelry to feature here, these are just a few of my favorites!  Be sure to like The Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog on facebook too!  See Abby and others on my Pinterest board, Accessorize With Jewelry.

Which is your favorite look? Comments are welcomed!