Jewelry Product Photo Editing and Tips for Etsy

Jewelry Product Photo Editing  and Tips for Etsy

I have been getting a lot of comments and questions about my photography so I thought I would post some of my tips.  I really don’t know what I am doing, I don’t have a fancy camera but you can fix a lot of problems with editing!  I am a big fan of  a clean white background or at least a plain uniform background in your first product photo on Etsy. It really helps your product stand out and you will get used more in Etsy Treasuries. A true white background is difficult to achieve in a photo but it is a simple fix with editing!

I am fortunate to have iphoto which I love…or loved, the latest version in not nearly as great but still works, and this is where I start. You can crop and do all of this in your photo program or the other programs I will be mentioning below:

iphot cropping

iphoto cropping

I upload my photos to iphoto and do a basic edit, crop first,  usually click  “enhance”  but not too much fine tuning, I save that for another program:

iphoto "enhance"

iphoto “enhance”


As you can see it is still pretty gray and boring so I upload it to FotoFuze to make background white and necklace pop. You start by highlighting the object with their tool in yellow, maybe do some fine adjustments like increase the “sensitivity” a hair. It is super simple and quick to do:

FotoFuze photo edit for white backgrounds

FotoFuze photo edit for white backgrounds


The free version of FotoFuze leaves things a little flat and fuzzy so I then upload to iPiccy another free program for the fine tuning:

photo editing iPiccy

Photo Tips For Etsy:

I will sharpen, add clarity then a little more contrast, sometimes I need to play with the levels or the curves to get a decent photo. This one I am okay with but I should have taken more photos,  I could probably remove or fix some of the funky shadows but since this is not my main product photo I will leave it.

Here are my tips for product photos:

  1. Take extra photos, try different angles
  2. Adjust the white balance in your camera if things look too blue or yellow
  3. I do not like daylight here in Seattle, everything here is gray! Unless you are shooting cars or flowers this makes for a flat photo, use lights!
  4. Use two lights on either side and a hand held light in the center, moving the light at different angles to get the lighting just right, if you are photographing shiny metal a light tent with the brightest lights is a must!
  5. If you have colored stones or rhinestones a LED light will make them sparkle and pop!
  6. Use a tripod and a timer or things will be blurry.
  7. Remove the date stamp, I still see so many of these!
  8. Annoying things like dust or fuzz can easily be edited out for a more professional look.
  9. Have a clean, simple consistent background for your main photo, save the artsy photos and scary mannequins for the other 4 spots on your Etsy listing!
  10. Have one photo show the scale or how it is to be used or modeled.
  11. Use a photo collage for one of your photos, I use Canva to create mine.

Here is my set up, not the greatest, I really need better lighting, all my photo lamps are broken now!:

photographing jewelry product photos



I use a Modahaus table top studio without the “tent” because most of my products aren’t shiny but plain white paper will work great also!

To see this colorful graphic bib necklace and more BluKatDesign jewelry, click on photo to take you to my Etsy store: (photo collage made on Canva)

BluKatDesign jewelry on Etsy

BluKatDesign jewelry on Etsy

To see more unique jewelry click  here: BluKatDesign on Etsy

If you have any questions or would like to add any of your photo tips please comment!

Colorful Graphic Design Jewelry Made From Duct Tape!

Colorful Jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Bold, Colorful Graphic Design Jewelry Made From Duct Tape!

If you love color, BluKatDesign on Etsy is your place!  I have been having so much fun with my latest projects using duct tape to make vibrant graphic statement necklaces and earrings. Nothing in my shop is mass produced so you will not see these designs on anyone else! Your fiends will freak out when you tell them it is duct tape! The simple clean modern design will go with today’s styles or pick a retro print for fun! Click on photos to take you to my Etsy store.  Most of the designs are reversible; they have different patterns on either side so you are really getting two necklaces or earrings in one:


Bold Handmade Jewelry Designs:

Colorful geometric patter on one side...

Colorful geometric patter on one side…



..and bold flowers on the other side!

..and bold flowers on the other side!




Reversible Earrings with smaller flowers on the other side

Reversible earrings with smaller flowers on the other side. Click photo to see other side!




Be sure to see my colorful peacock- leopard duct tape statement necklace and earrings!peacock statement necklace earrings set





tiger striped earrings animal print     See  tiger or zebra striped earrings in hot pink or purple!


Do you like colorful jewelry, would you wear jewelry made from duct tape? Comments welcomed!

Leopard- Peacock Bib Statement Necklace in Teal, Turquoise

pecock necklace

Leopard- Peacock Bib Statement Necklace

I am having so much fun with my new line of jewelry made from duct tape!  Yes duct tape! My latest design is a reversible bib necklace with a shimmery peacock design on one side and a turquoise and purple leopard animal print on the other!  It is two necklaces in one! These are so fun and easy to wear with my steel necklace cords. Click on the photos to take you to my Etsy store. Now, which earrings would you get, the peacock or the leopard…or both?

Turquoise Leopard Peacock Duct Tape Jewelry:

peacock necklace

Peacock bib necklace statement

duct tape necklace

Shimmery Duct Tape Necklace

colorful bib necklace

bib necklace

Reversible Leopard Print – Peacock Bib Necklace


turquoise leopard earrings jewelry

Animal Print Earrings Made From Duct Tape!


bib necklace


Reversible Peacock - Leopard Necklace Statement

Reversible Peacock – Leopard Necklace Statement


Like fun upcycled jewelry? If so be sure to follow my Pinterest board: Upcycled Jewelry

Do you like the peacock or the leopard? Would you wear jewelry made from duct tape? Comments welcomed!