Handmade Gifts – Holiday Gift Guide – 2014



handmade gift guide 2014

Handmade gift guide 2014

Handmade Gifts – Holiday Gift Guide – 2014


Free ClipartLooking for the perfect one-of-a-kind handmade gift? BluKatDesign on Etsy specializes in unique, eclectic,  fun and funky, colorful jewelry and gifts for that special person. From upcycled jewelry; button pendants, bobby pin jewelry to hair accessories and colorful magnets.  There is something here for everyone!


handmade gifts

Handmade holiday gift ideas



Hair sticks make a great  hair accessory gift for the long haired ladies, there are many colors to choose from. These festive, sparkly rhinestone balls would be perfect for the holidays (Click on the photo to take you to my store to see all my hair sticks) :


hair sticks

Sparkly lime and blue hair sticks



Long necklaces made from upcycled glass knobs are a fun gift, they are perfect for wearing over a winter sweater, great for anyone who likes something totally unique and is into the big upcycling movement:


upcycled jewelry

Long necklaces made from upcycled glass knobs!

Chasidy says,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  “I love the knob necklaces. They are truly my favorite of all the items in BluKatDesigns shop 🙂 Each one is a wearable piece of art…I love hanging them on the wall just as much as my daughter and I love wearing them. Start your own BluKatDesign knob necklace collection today :)”


If you have a few people to buy gifts for, a wholesale jewelry set can save you money! These sets come with 4-6 items at a discounted price and are individually boxed.  Nest egg pendants would be a good choice for  mothers and my mandala art pendants would be great for any free spirit, hippie, Modern Bohemian, teens or anyone who likes color! These robin’s nest egg necklaces, mandala necklaces and bead dangle earrings all available in discount wholesale sets:


nest egg necklace

Robin’s nest egg necklaces


mandala pendants

New Age mandala pendants available in wholesale sets or individually



Who doesn’t like colorful magnets? They make great stocking stuffers or small gifts. Be sure to check out my pet magnets for the dog or cat lovers, mandala magnets and vintage button magnets too:


magnet sets

Button magnets


TV21 says,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I bought these as possible stocking fillers – but I might end up keeping them all. 🙂 This seller packs magnets in cute little boxes – very nice!”


For fun repurposed button jewelry see my  button cluster dangle earrings, button hoop earrings, button rings and button statement necklaces. These button pendants below make the cutest, affordable gifts:


button pendants

Upcycled Button Pendants



For the artsy type, fabric wire wrapped art jewelry earrings or necklace might be a good pick:


fabric earrings

Artsy wire wrapped fabric earrings



Wow her with a repurposed vintage statement necklace!  This is a one-of-a-kind necklace with colorful spikes and glass beads with matching earrings, find this and other  modern and vintage one-of-a-kind necklace statements in my Etsy store:


statement necklace

statement necklace



Upcycled collage necklaces made from vintage jewelry parts, some are matching sets perfect gfits for best friends, mother-daughter or sisters:


collage necklaces

Upcycled collage pendants


Audrey says,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “These were perfect! My daughter loved them!!! I really love all the extra care you give your beautiful packaging, and the superb service!!!”

Veronica says,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Shipped fast. Love them! BEAUTIFULLY packaged. Would recommend this seller.”

Connnie says,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Heather is an Artist – very willing to try new ideas and expand on them. The necklace is gorgeous and I will not hesitate to buy from BluKatDesigns/Heather with confidence again”




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Are you going to shop handmade this season? Comments welcomed!

Handmade Gift Ideas – Etsy Jewelry


2014 Handmade Gift Ideas, Etsy Jewelry, Gift Guide

This year why not support handmade artisans and buy handmade on Etsy! Avoid the malls and crowds and shop online at your own convenience and find unique quality handcrafted items made with love that everyone will appreciate. Be sure to use the coupon below if you have never purchased from Etsy before!

handmade gift guide


JOYJewelsbyAudrey is a husband and wife team collaboration of jewelry making. He machine cuts the rings and she does mixed metals, beaded, upcycled vintage jewelry, crochet and more! You will find stunning gifts for both men and women here:

jewelry gifts

Machine cut rings, beaded  and mixed metal jewelry



JumbledKnickKnacks  is a creative new shop on Etsy that has beaded jewelry,  upcycled jewelry made from wooden spools and even some gorgeous earrings made out of eggshells!

handmade gift ideas

handmade gift ideas



CobaltandCopper is where you will find fabulous whimsical gifts, specializing in wire wrapped jewelry, costume accessories and decor like dragonflies, wands, scepters, tiaras, sugar skull masks, treble clef earrings, votive holders and so much more:

handmade gifts



Beadsoul is the place for personalized hand stamped jewelry for men and women, guitar picks, accessories, inspirational pieces, mixed media, beaded jewelry and more!

handstamped jewelry



 GracieWieber  specializes in beautiful  Celtic and Bohemian jewelry for men and women:

celtic jewelry



BeadingGem  on Etsy has unique jewelry designs from elegant to funky to suit many tastes, most are one of a kind:

Unique and one of a kind gifts from BeadingGem on Etsy

Unique and one of a kind gifts from BeadingGem on Etsy



BluKatDesign  ( my shop!)  I specialize in unique colorful repurposed jewelry, button jewelry, upcycled vintage, statement necklaces, fun earrings, hair sticks and more:

gifts for her

Colorful jewelry from BluKatDesign on Etsy

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save on etsy

handmade gift guide

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board  for more handmade gift ideas and to see more of my creative friend’s work: Handmade Boutique

Are you going to shop handmade this season? Comments welcomed!

Isa Body Challenge – Weight Loss – Nutritional Cleansing

isa body challenge

I began my IsaBody Challenge August 9, 2014, and I lost 23 lbs and am still losing.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect since diets never worked for me. I liked the idea of a chemical free “diet”,  I tried another popular diet a few years back that was loaded with nasty chemicals and salt so I only lost one pound a month, lost my hard earned muscle and starved the whole time and guess what? I gained it right back!  I also tried those low carb diets that even though it feels like you are drinking buckets of water you still feel dehydrated, sluggish and have bad dry mouth and live in the bathroom. I did not want to go though that again! I tried various popular cleansing diets that worked initially but were so boring I couldn’t stick with them.  The idea of yo yo dieting again was scary, I didn’t want to get even fatter! The thought of doing shakes again grossed me out because I just never liked them, did tons of them during my power lifting days and they usually irritated my stomach no matter how natural they were. I had to do something because I was about 40 lbs overweight and felt like crap.  I heard of Isagenix before and thought it would be like everything else so I waited a couple years to finally order the 9-day Pak just to see if I could get the shakes down. To my surprise they did not upset my stomach, were very filling at first and tasted quite bland but that could be easily fixed by adding just a little fruit and now,  just like everyone else says you get used to them and they seem to taste better after awhile! My first week I lost 8 lbs, this included a 2 day cleanse with mainly a powdered drink called Cleanse for Life that you mix up in water four times a day. I have to admit after the first day I was not feeling very good..they say it is the toxins being released and to just drink more water. The next weeks cleanse was actually fun and easier.  Now I look forward to my cleanse days which for me ( I have 20 lbs to go) are 2 days, 3 times a month until I get down to the weight  I want to be.  The rest of the week is fairly easy on the program,  I start with a shake, it is quick,  keeps me balanced feeling and gives me energy for a couple  hours until my snack.  For lunch I usually do another shake or a lower carb lunch if it is the weekend. Then I do another snack and my dinner is usually lower carbs but not too low so it feels like a normal dinner, I never count calories. What I like best about this program you can adjust it to your lifestyle and still enjoy holidays and actually lose weight at the same time! I must admit, I splurged at Halloween with handfuls of Snickers plus a big Mexican meal that same week and still lost a pound because of my program …maybe my metabolism is finally speeding up! Another thing about this program, my daily debilitating migraines, headaches and body aches are reduced to maybe just once a week now. It is much easier to get out of bed in the mornings and  I have more energy too. This makes me want to stick with the Isagenix program and I think maintenance will be a breeze! Soon I hope to get back into the gym to get fit again but for now, I am not even working out!  Another cool thing about the IsaBody challenge is you actually get $200 free products just for completing this 16 -week program!

Are you Toxic? Check out this short video:

Here is a video on the Isabody Challenge:

If you are interested in nutritional cleansing or weight loss please contact me below or go to my Isagenix website and purchase the 30-day program. You can buy it retail but I highly recommend you to join and get the autoship so you can save the most amount of money. Just click on the green button, ” join and save” Even with the $29 sign up fee, you will save $72 on this months pak and you will save $101 the following months! Don’t worry, it is easy to change the contents of your autoship! If you know just two other people that want to do this with you, you can get your products paid for and a lot more! The cost of this is almost as much I would normally spend on groceries a month and I look at it as an investment in my health.

Click the green button on my website to save:

Save on Isagenix

Save on Isagenix

Have you done Isagenix and feel better now? I would love to hear from you. Or if you are interested in cleansing just comment below!

New Age Jewelry, Mandala Art, Handmade Gift Ideas

mandala necklace

Mandala Cross Pendant in Dark Gunmetal


New Age Jewelry, Mandala Art, Handmade Gift Ideas

Like yummy eye candy in every color! These vibrant  New Age jewelry  and magnets are inspired from the seven Chakras. Mandalas make the perfect gifts for teens, Boho Chic fashionistas, artists, massage therapists or anyone into the healing arts or who likes color. Mandala means “circle” in classical Indian Sanskrit but is a cross cultural symbol used by Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and even Native Americans. My art mandalas are all original designs created by me; they are not made from scrapbook paper or digital downloads like others you see. My pendant necklaces come in three sizes, 1″, 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ in silver, bronze, copper or gunmetal.  If you have a few people on your gift list, I have sets of five or six  wholesale pendants  that can save you money. The magnets come in sets of assorted colors and sizes in decorative boxes ready for gift giving and can be found in my  Etsy shop.


mandala necklace

Mandala necklaces available  in “wholesale” sets to save you money!



mandala magnets

Fiery mandala magnet set, perfect stocking stuffers!



mandala earrings

Mandala earrings



Mandala art paperweight

Third eye mandala art paperweight



I like to wear my mandalas with casual clothes, jeans are always a great choice! Some ideas on how to wear mandalas:



Coral Reef Rain


Coral Reef Rain by cck5100 featuring a turquoise mandala pendant



What I Wore Today - It's all About Comfort!


Do you like colorful mandala designs? Would you like to get a mandala as a gift? Comments welcome.