Two Creative and Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative gift wrapping ideas using an ornament

Creative gift wrapping ideas using an ornament


Two Creative and Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

By BluKatDesign on Etsy


Even some of us creative types have a hard time wrapping presents!   I like to use decorative bags, so easy you just wrap the items in tissue then toss in a bag and tie a bow! To make it more special you can repurpose on old ornament or buy a special handmade ornament from BluKatDesign on Etsy and find a fancy a fancy tag! Last year I discovered boxes with prints like the one pictured above, these make wrapping so simple!


gift wrapping

Tie a special ornament from BluKatDesign on Etsy and a nice tag to a bag for a special gift


repurposed cookie cutter ornament

Repurposed cookie cutter ornament


For smaller gifts, simple paper punches make from old Christmas cards or wrapping paper make festive decorations on gift boxes:


Gift boxes from BluKatDesign on Etsy

Gift boxes from BluKatDesign on Etsy


Find more ideas here on my Pinterest board: Gift Wrapping and Packaging



Like what you see? Do you have any tips on gift wrapping! Comments welcome

How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY

Framed Vintage Handkerchiefs

Framed Vintage Handkerchiefs



How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY

This is a simple wall art project for my collection of my late mother-in-law’s vintage handkerchiefs. I found this rectangular frame at Ikea and the square ones I got a deal online. You just need some acid free scotch magic tape (it will say good for photos on the label) and maybe some acid free white paper if your handkerchiefs are very fine, see-through white. I first arranged them how I wanted them and ironed them out. I started with the bottom handkerchief, wrapped the edges around the back and taped to the back and did this with each layer. If you really want the handkerchiefs to pop you can try taping a white paper backing but I was lazy and kind like of like how you can see though them. The tricky part is to get it in the frame without wrinkles, I found if you lean the frame against the wall and keep the handkerchiefs upright it should go into place just fine!


vintage handkerchief collection



DIY vintage wall art



vintage handkerchief wall art DIY



Vintage wall art DIY

Vintage handkerchief wall art DIY


Like the idea of fabric wall art? See this post:

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What do your think? Is this  a better idea than just keeping them in a box? Comments welcome.



DIY Simple Upcycled Wall Art With Fabric Scraps


DIY simple wall art with fabric scraps.

It has been a long time since I have done any crafts other than jewelry! This upcycled fabric wall art is quick and easy to do. You can do so many variations adding ribbons, lace, fringe, yarn, beads or anything else you may have on hand! You could even do a landscape scene, the options are limitless! Great art project for kids too!


Materials: canvas, fabric scraps, decoupage glue, tacky glue

Tools: scissors, paint brush


  1. Tear strips of fabric (snipping the fabric end first makes it easy to tear)  making sure they are long enough to wrap around your canvas or long enough to leave as a fringe:

upcycled fabric DIY art


2. Lay out a few strips of fabric to get an idea of the design and how much fabric you need:

fabric scrap art


3. Start gluing down the strips with the decoupage glue; paint some glue onto the canvas than add the fabric, painting over the fabric (you can take another strip of fabric to the bottom and top edges or use a colored sharpie so the top and bottom edges look finished) :

easy DIY wall art


4.  Keep adding fabric strips overlapping slightly:

simple DIY fabric wall art


5.  I kind of like the “fringe” but I will tuck the ends under this one using tacky glue.

colorful fabric wall art



easy wall art with fabric


6. You can leave it as it or I painted another heavy coat of decoupage on mine, then you are finished! For more dimension, you can also embellish with cord, tassels or buttons using a hot glue gun when dry but I wanted this one simple and flat.

DIY wall art


easy wall art tutorial

Simple DIY Fabric Wall Art


Want to see more quick and easy wall art idea? Check out my post:  5 Easy Wall Art Projects

For more home decor craft ideas follow my Pinterest board: DIY Craft Ideas



Do you like how this fabric wall art turned out? Do you have any other ideas for easy wall art? Please leave a comment below:

Valentines Day DIY Glitter Heart Pendants or Magnets Tutorial

Valentines Day DIY Glitter Heart Pendants  or

Magnets Tutorial

Not sure where the idea for this originated, there are tutorials all over Pinterest for glitter pendants or fingernail polish jewelry.

Find your jewelry supplies at Sun and Moon Craft Kits.  *Note: I no longer use Sun and Moon Craft Kits as a supplier anymore. After years of being a loyal customer I did not receive my order and got no response from them! I use Purple Mountain for a lot of my supplies now!

  1. I start with a darker translucent color and paint the outside of your heart shaped glass tile to give the illusion of more depth (you may want to blend a little more than I did here), then add a clear or sparkly clear nail polish  layer. Working quickly and in order add:
  2.  Light fairy dust in center, then pink , then metallic red all over
  3.  Let dry a bit then add 1-2 layers of opaque red and finish off with a metallic red (don’t sprinkle glitter on the backs like I did if you have sensitive skin!)
  4. Use E6000 glue to attach bails for pendants or magnets for a cute magnet set!


Check out my Etsy store for these and other heart jewelry:


valentines day jewelry

Glitter Heart Pendants for Valentine’s Day


heart magnets

glitter heart magnets


See more fun projects here:  Valentines Day Ideas:

 Do you love to sparkle? Let me know if you try this and how they turn out! Comments welcomed below:

DIY Crafts Clay Christmas Ornaments

Clay ornaments

Simple DIY clay ornaments

DIY Crafts Clay Christmas Ornaments


natural stone clay crafts

Natural stone clay from ACTÍVA Products

Simple DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments For a Fun Holiday Craft Project

 I have always loved the look of lacy ceramics so when I got this Natural Stone Clay  from ACTÍVA Products I was super excited to try making ornaments using my late mother-in-laws doilies to make textures in the clay. This is a super easy project that would be great for kids!  I love the natural white but you could use a watercolor to accentuate the lace.

materials for christmas ornamentsMaterials:

  • Natural Stone Clay by ACTÍVA Products
  • Krylon or Valspar clear gloss or satin finish
  • Fairy dust glitter
  • Cord for hanging


  • Cookie cutters
  • Old rolling pin or straight glass
  • Doilies
  • Waxed paper
  • Stir stick straw
  • Optional sandpaper


  1. Take a handful of clay making sure you have enough for the size of cookie cutter you are using.  Make a ball and press flat then gently roll out about 3/8″ thick on waxed paper with old rolling pin or straight glass. This clay reminds me of pie dough; it will crack and split if you press too hard. If it does crack, just squish it together. I found working one or two ornaments at a time is the easiest:


2) Sandwich the dough between two doilies and roll out until about 1/4″ thick:

Roll clay between doilies




3) Lift off doily and cut out with cookie cutters, I had a flower and heart cutters but birds would be cute too:

cookie cutter ornaments


4) With a stir stick straw, poke a hole for the cord hanger:

clay flower ornament


christmas ornament crafts

5) Smooth out any rough edges with finger, may use a little water.

6) Let dry 1-2 days on waxed paper, flipping them over if they start curling. You can use sandpaper on the dry clay and also smooth the dry clay with water if necessary.

7) Seal with Krylon clear satin or gloss, sprinkling with fairy dust  glitter and another coat of Krylon.  Let dry then flip them over and do the other side.

8) Tie a cord and hang!

holiday ornament diy


holiday oranment DIY


If you like these ornaments see ideas for more Christmas ornaments: upcycled ornaments using fabric scraps to cover old bulbs and photo ornaments made from jar lids! Also : 5 Christmas Crafts Ornaments and Decorations

Follow my Pinteres board: Christmas Ornaments

Do you love making Christmas ornaments as much as I do?  If you try making these let me know how it goes, comments welcomed!

DIY Upcycled Jewelry: Simple Cuff Bracelet from a Brooch

Simple DIY Cuff Bracelet

Simple DIY Cuff Bracelet

DIY Upcycled Jewelry: Simple Cuff Bracelet From a Brooch

DIY simple cuff bracelet made from a brooch. I love quick and easy projects! All you need is some wide elastic, mine is 1 1/4″, you can find it in all sorts of great colors now but I had  some black, and a brooch:


DIY bracelet cuff


Simply wrap the elastic firmly  around your wrist and overlap about 1″ and cut. ( it will stretch and the weight of the brooch will make it flop around more so you want it tighter than you think!)  You can hand sew it but I did a zig zag back and forth several times with my machine on both ends:


DIY jewelry project


Trim all of the threads,  I pinned my brooch over the seams so they didn’t show.  You may want to stitch the brooch down in a couple spots if necessary. For the clasp, I like to use a dab of rubber cement to hold it closed more securely, later you can somewhat easily remove the cement if you want to use the brooch again. I am not a bracelet person but this may be cute for a special occasion, it reminds me of Christmas! These would be great for proms too!


DIY brooch bracelet


DIY bracelets

Brooch Bracelet Cuffs


I love to make upcycled necklaces and earrings also, be sure to check out my Etsy store, BluKatDesign and see my latest upcycled vintage brooch necklace:


upcycled vintage brooch necklace

Upcycled vintage brooch necklace on Etsy


For more jewelry DIY’s follow my Pinterest board, DIY Jewelry Tutorials:

Or keep up to date with my latest upcycled jewlery creations:


Are you a fan of vintage upcycled jewelry?  Think this would be an easy and fun project? Comments welcomed!

2 Fun Upcycled Christmas Ornament DIY Projects

christmas ornaments

Upcycled ornaments made from jar lids


2 Fun Upcycled Christmas Ornament DIY Projects

Here are a couple easy and fun upcyling projects for Christmas. The first, upcycled ornaments are made with jar lids and photos with shimmery Christmas trim. The second, is super simple; just take some scrap fabric & wrap old glass or styrofoam bulb then tie a bow to make cute repurposed ornaments! Click on photos for more details!


fabric ornaments

repurposed fabric covered ornaments



See more DIY Christmas crafts: 5 DIY Christmas Crafts

For more Christmas ornament ideas follow my Pinterest board: Christmas Ornament


What do you upcycle or what crafts do you do at Christmas? Comments welcomed

5 DIY Christmas Crafts, Ornaments and Decorations

Five DIY Tutorials:  Christmas Ornaments, Decorations, Crafts

I love making Christmas ornaments and decorations but since I am a jeweler I rarely get to make them before Christmas. The following tutorials are super easy and quick enough for the busy holidays! Just click on the link or photo to take you to the tutorial.

1) DIY Wreath Ornaments  made from wired twine and little pine cones:

wreath ornamants

DIY Wreath ornaments



2)  Paper Straw Wreath  Simple wreath made from paper straws:

paper straw wreath

Simple paper straw wreath



3)  Recycled paper ornaments  made from old Christmas cards, sheet music and catalogs using a scalloped paper punch:

paper ornaments

Recycled paper ornaments



4) DIY Decoupage Ornaments  made from old sheet music and glitter:

sheet music ornaments

Sheet music ornaments


5) Gift wrapping  ideas, packing using recycled Christmas cars, papers using scallop punches:

gift wrapping ideas

paper punch “bows”


For more Christmas decorating ideas follow my Pinterest boards: Christmas Ornament , Vintage Christmas, Christmas Ideas, and

Gift Wrapping:





Fiber Art Jewelry – Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

fabric earrings

Fabric wire wrapped earrings

Fiber Art Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

Fiber art jewelry; earrings and necklaces made from fabric, ribbon then wire wrapped with glass beads. My newest line of upcycled jewelry made from my fabric and wire stash. I just love all of the colors and textures, these are so fun to make! The beads remind me of those expensive art glass beads but without the weight. Like little pieces of art, everything is one-of-a-kind and not mass produced. You can find my fabric art jewelry in my Etsy store. Click on the photos to take you to the items in my store:

purple fabric earrings

Purple fabric earrings

fabric earrings

Colorful earrings made from Guatemalan fabric scrap

fabric jewelry

Fabric and pearl necklace earring set

green fabric earrings

fiber art jewelry earrings

handmade earrings

Earrings made from fuzzy ribbon

fabric earrings

fabric tube earrings

To make these yourself,  see my tutorial : DIY wire wrapped fabric beads.  For more upcycled jewelry, follow my Pinterest board:  Upcycled Jewelry

Stay tuned for more colors and shapes! Would you wear fabric or fiber jewelry? Comments welcomed 🙂

3 Easy Stylish DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Jewelry tutorials

3 Easy Stylish DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Three simple and stylish DIY jewelry making tutorials. I love making jewelry but I don’t have a lot of time to work on time consuming or tedious projects like I used to. Here a some fun, easy jewelry makings tutorials that even beginner can do! There is even a tip for advanced jewelers! You can make up some new earrings to match that new outfit in no time!



1) Wire wrapped fabric beads; made from scrap fabric, ribbon, wire and glass seed beads. These beads have the looks of fancy glass beads; use them to make necklaces and earrings or use the technique for other projects: DIY Bead Tutorial


bead tutorial

Wire wrapped fabric bead tutorial



2) Simple drop earrings; DIY Earring Tutorial   A beginner can make these elegant vintage style hoop earrings with links to find the all of the supplies.


drop earrings tutorial

Simple drop earring tutorial


3) DIY Bead Dangle Earrings Tutorial  using gorgeous porcelain beads from  The Bead Mixer.  Easy enough for a beginner but with a tip  that an advanced jeweler can appreciate for those larger hole beads that wobble and turn!

Bead dangle earrings DIY for beginners

Bead dangle earrings DIY for beginners



For more tutorials please see:  5 Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Also follow my Pinterest board : Jewelry Tutorials

Do you like making jewelry? Comments welcomed