Tie Necklace, Upcycled Jewelry

tie necklace

Upcycled Tie Necklace

Do you love ties as much as I do? I love all of the great colors and textures but I wasn’t sure about upcycling them into jewelry, I’ve seen some pretty interesting things on Pinterest made from ties that I would never wear!  My husband Dennis is going through a Mod phase, getting rid of all of his wider ties so I just had to make something out of them!  I thought they would be too “manly” for jewelry but I think it worked out okay don’t you think?  This is actually more my style with the clean modern look with a few vintage buttons.  You can make quite a few pieces out of just one tie!  So far, I made myself a necklace and have a cuff bracelet and a flower necklace in the works from this one yellow tie!  I have another tie necklace listed now in my Etsy shop that can be worn long or short:

tie necklace

Upcycled tie necklace; this one can be worn long or short!

tie necklace

Modern necklace made out of a tie and vintage glass button

tie necklace

Cute little upcycled tie necklace with buttons

For a modern or retro style,  these one of a kind necklaces will complete your wardrobe give you a unique look that will get noticed! No one else will have these original statement necklaces, all are one-of-a-kind little pieces of art!

I am really excited about my new projects using old ties, stay tuned to see how they turn out! Follow BluKatDesign on facebook for the latest designs!

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Mod Style and Fashion

mod fashion

Mod Style and Fashion

The Mod fashion style originally came from people of the streets of London, England in the late 1950’s to late 1960’s. It is a classic look, and is now popular throughout the world.  This year’s softer pallet of Pantone colors reminds me of Mod fashion with the retro feel. Color blocking is a great way to achieve the mod look along with a BluKatDesign button necklace! Find many unique one of a kind button pendants in my Etsy store.  Some of you may remember The Who’s logo, a Mod target;  I have a target button necklace and ring available also!

target necklace

Mod target button necklace

target pendant

Wearing my Mod target button pendant

The Who:

The Len Price 3:

The Strypes, a great new band from Ireland with Mod roots and a speed blues feel:

button pendant necklace

Button pendant

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Pantone 2015 colors – Pendants by BluKatDesign on Etsy

pantone jewelry

Pantone 2015 Colors


This year the colors are softer and cooler. Some have just been renamed like the minty “Lucite Green” but there are new colors like “Marsala” which is a soft burgundy and is considered  the color of the year! I prefer more vibrant colors so this was a fun challenge working with this pallet.  I think I came up with some great color combos for my button pendants using upcycled buttons; I even made a pendant for myself!  I love the retro feel these colors have; perfect compliment to a vintage button. I added colorful ribbon cords to most of my new pendants but you can request stainless steel cords; my favorite and so comfortable to wear!  These cute pendants can go well with vintage or modern fashions and make a great gift! Click on the photos below to see all of my button necklaces!


panton button pendant

Button pendant in Pantone colors Strawberry Ice, Dusk Blue and Lucite Green


button pendant

Button Pendant in Pantone colors Lucite Green and Classic Blue


vintage button necklaces

Vintage button necklaces with shimmery “Glacier Gray” mother of pearl


button necklace

Button necklace with “Custard” rose and “strawberry Ice”

To see more unique styles of button jewelry follow my Pinterest board: Button Jewelry


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5 Great Jewelry and Fashion Ideas From The Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog

mandala necklace

Hot Pink Mandala Necklace

5 Great Jewelry and Fashion Ideas From The Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog

I love to see how others style an outfit using my handmade jewelry! Abby, The Vintage Inspired Passionista is a master at putting together fabulous ensembles using BluKatDesign Jewelry! Be sure to check out her blog for more ideas. Click on photos to take you to the items in my store, BluKatDesign on Etsy.  I love the hot pink mandala with a vintage graphic T-shirt above, these mandalas look great with most casual clothing.  She did the same with a T-shirt and my bobby pin necklace:


upcycled jewelry

The VIP wearing BKD Upcycled Jewelry


button dangle earrings

Button Dangle Earrings go with everything!


upcycled necklace

Upcycled brooch and button statement necklace


repurposed necklaces

Repurposed necklaces layered to make a statement!


I love how the VIP  layers different pieces to make a statement using one of my long necklaces made from a glass knob and a shorter repurposed vintage necklace. Be sure to follow the Vintage Inspired Passionista on facebook and her blog!


See more ways to style and accessorize with BluKatDesign Jewelry on Pinterest:

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