Sugar Skull Ornaments Decorations for all Year Round!

Day of the dead ornaments
Sugar skull ornaments made with tart tins!

Are you seeing more sugar skulls displayed year round? Years ago I had them on my Christmas tree and everyone thought I was nuts! Today they are everywhere! I have always loved the colorful festive skull decorations and Mexican folk art and really enjoy making skull ornaments by upcycling tart tins or mint tins. Check out BluKatDesign on Etsy for original one-of-a-kind ornaments you will not see anywhere else!

Day of the Dead
handmade sugar skull ornament
Festive skull ornament made from a mint tin!
Day of the Dead Ornament
Find sugar skull ornaments at BluKatDesign on Etsy!
upcycled tin skull ornament
Sugar skull ornament made in a vintage jello mold!
repurposed tin skull ornament
Repurposed Altoid’s tin ornament

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Handmade Upcycled Summer Button Earrings on Etsy

Fun Handmade Upcycled Summer Button Earrings on Etsy

Super fun lightweight button cluster earrings are perfect for summer! They make a great affordable gift and come in a decorative recycled box ready for gift giving. Click photo to find these and more handmade upcycled button jewelry by BluKatDesign Upcycled Jewelry on Etsy.

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DIY Recycled Earrings Made From Priority Mailers

DIY Recycled Earrings Made From Priority Mailers

Repurposed, upcycled, recycled cone-shaped earrings made from old priority mailers! Yes, you read that right…priority mailers! Priority mailers are made from a plastic fiber called Tyvek, you may have seen it used in construction. It is a super fun medium for everything from wall art, journals to jewelry! It has an organic look and has a light paper-like feel but is super strong!

This is a general DIY, since it has an organic feel nothing has to be precise, have fun and experiment! With this particular technique you will need a heat gun and silicone mat or heat resistant pad, some metallic acrylic paint, scissors, a chopstick or end of a paintbrush.

Use metallic paints for a shimmer finish

I first paint both sides of a sheet cut from an old priority mailer. The backs I just do lightly, no need to totally cover the writing! I like metallic acrylic craft paints. They don’t look very impressive at first but after heating they really shimmer!

Cut circles out of the painted Tyvek

I then cut some rough 2 1/2″ circles with a slit and form a tight cone. Remember they will shrink a bit!

Heating the Tyvek cone to form a bead cap

Then I carefully heat using my heat gun on my silicone mat while twirling the cone, holding it down with the end of my paintbrush. See my video and follow me here on Facebook.

Upcycled earrings made from an old priority mailer!

You can find lots of great detailed and inspiring videos on youtube for this technique and also technique using an iron to create the texture.

You can see some of my upcycled pendant necklaces made from Tyvek here: Repurposed, Recycled Materials Art Jewelry.

Find my Tyvek bead tutorial here: 3 Easy Stylish Jewelry Tutorials.

Be sure to check out my Etsy store for more recycled materials art jewelry!

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Repurposed, Recycled Materials Art Jewelry on Etsy

Repurposed, Recycled Materials Art Jewelry on Etsy

By BluKatDesign on Etsy

Are you looking for original eco-friendly affordable gifts or is it time to treat yourself to some repurposed and recycled materials art jewelry? BluKatDesign on Etsy specializes in upcycled jewelry. Here you can find one-of-a-kind works of wearable art or smaller unique upcycled pendant necklaces made from old priority mailers and CDs at BluKatDesign.

The priority mailers (made with Tyvek, a plastic fiber) are painted with colorful metallic paints, heated to form textures, cut to shape and then sealed with resin. The CDs and DVDs are zapped in a microwave for a few seconds to crackle then baked to intensify the color. Both are super shimmery, vibrant, fun to wear and super unique!

Pendants made from priority mailers!
Repurposed DVD (purple) and CD (blue-green) pendants
Rainbow pendants made with recycled old priority mailers!
Tyvek necklace pendant
Upcycled CD and DVD Necklaces
Upcycled jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Do you want to see my more elaborate art jewelry made with priority mailers? Must see: Eco Friendly Organic Art Jewelry Collection

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4 Tips to Make You Look Taller and Slimmer

4 Tips to Make You Look Taller and Slimmer

1) Choosing monochromatic colors or shades will keep you from looking choppy

2) A long vest or cardigan will elongate you with the vertical lines

3) Pointier shoes will make your legs longer

4) The vertical lines of a long necklace from BluKatDesign on Etsy will take 10 lbs off!

Also try more form fitting clothing, leggings or an asymmetrical hem line.

Monochromatic colors and cardigan will elongate!
A long necklace from BluKatDesign will take 10 lbs off!
A long necklace from BluKatDesign will take 10 lbs off!

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To find other items in photos see here, or follow me on UrStyle

Be sure to check out not only my long upcycled wine cork necklaces but all of my upcycled long necklaces on Etsy!

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Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends: Butterflies

Spring 2022 jewelry trends butterflies

Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends: Butterflies

Say goodbye to the boring cookie-cutter everything-looks-alike minimalist style and say hello to fresh bold colors for spring! Butterflies are always in for spring but look for chunkier or more colorful pieces this year. A repurposed vintage butterfly necklace by BluKatDesign on Etsy makes a bold statement for spring. For an edgier look, butterfly and skulls in new candy colors are perfect for 2022.

from Cosmopolitan, Slaven Vlasic
from Cosmopolitan, Slaven Vlasic
Repurposed vintage double butterfly statement necklace
Candy-colored skull necklace with a butterfly
Repurposed vintage double butterfly statement necklace
Repurposed vintage double butterfly statement necklace
Whimsical skull butterfly earrings
Whimsical skull butterfly earrings

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Colorful butterflies and skulls

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How do you like the bolder styles for spring? Which is your favorite here?

2022 Spring Jewelry Trends

candy colored jewelry trends 2022 spring

2022 Spring Jewelry Trends: Playful Bright Candy Colors

Playful bright candy colors are the trend for Spring 2022 jewelry! You can find one-of-a-kind, colorful jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy! From fuzzy bright blue earrings to neon bobby pin chokers you can find something new to make your spring outfit pop! The boring minimalist style is fading away thankfully to bolder and more unique pieces once again!

town & country magazine
Candy colored jewels from Town & Country
fuzzy blue dangle earrings
These fuzzy earrings remind me of cotton candy!
neon bobby pin choker necklace
Neon bobby pin choker necklace
blue and purple dangle earrings
Sparkly purple and blue reminds me of rock candy!
green soda tab earrings
Juicy lifesaver green soda tab earrings
yellow button dangle earrings
Lemon drop button dangle earrings
upcycled glass knob long necklace
Red hot glass knob long necklace
fabric button necklace pendant
Hot pink candy colored fabric button necklace

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How do you like this colorful trend? Will you go brighter and bolder this spring? I would love your comments below.

Handmade Easter Ornaments and Gift Ideas

Easter bunny ornament

Handmade Easter Ornaments and Gift Ideas

Christmas and Valentine’s Day ornaments were even more popular this year! I was so busy over the holidays I didn’t get a chance to post. Now that more people are working outside of the home, I hope everyone will still be decorating for holidays like Easter. Here at BluKatDesign on Etsy, I have new variations of my tart tin bunny ornaments, shadowbox ornaments, cottage chic eggs for baskets or hanging, Easter baskets made from tart tins, plus some new wall ornaments, all ready to ship for Easter! Click on photos to go to my Etsy shop for details.

Easter ornaments gift set
Upcycled tart tin ornaments with bunnies
Easter wall ornament gift
Wall ornament with vintage art print
Eater wall decor gift
Handmade Easter wall ornament
farmhouse Easter decoration
Easter wall decor
easter eggs
Victorian Easter Eggs for hanging or baskets
Easter basket decoration gift
Tart tin Easter basket with bunny

Easter shadowbox ornaments
Easter shadowbox ornaments made from Altoid’s tins!

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St. Patricks will be here next week but you can see my St. Patrick’s Day Ornaments and Gifts on Etsy!

Do you decorate for Easter? Do you have an Easter tree? I would love to see your comments below!

Sugar Skull Jewelry & Ornaments For Day of the Dead

Mexican inspired folk art

Sugar Skull Jewelry & Ornaments For Day of the Dead

By BluKatDesign on Etsy

I have always loved the colorful folk art crafts from Mexico including Day of the Dead sugar skulls. At BluKatDesign on Etsy you can find unique, one-of-a-kind sugar skull necklaces, earrings and ornaments! Check out some of my latest items:

Upcycled sugar skull statement necklace
Sugar Skull statement necklace with charms featuring Mary in a bottle cap!
Long skull butterfly necklace
Long skull tassel necklace with butterfly charm in purple
Long skull butterfly necklace
Long Day of the Dead tassel necklace

Day of the Dead skull earrings
Day of the Dead skull rose earrings
Sugar skull butterfly pendants
Sugar skull pendants
Day of the Dead skull ornament
Sugar skull ornament in upcycled Altoid’s tin
Sugar skull heart ornaments
Sugar Skull heart ornaments
Day of the Dead Frida necklace
Sugar skull statement necklace with Frida

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Fall Fashion Jewelry: Vintage Nostalgic Charm

Fall Fashion Jewelry: Vintage Nostalgic Charm

The nostalgic charm of vintage jewelry reminds me of fall with the excitement of cooler sunny weather, back to school, and getting new fall outfits! This month only at BluKatDesign on Etsy you can save 20% on all repurposed vintage and vintage inspired jewelry. From button earrings, smashed button coin necklaces to one-of-a-kind statement necklaces featuring vintage jewelry parts, antique keys, or even a vintage handkerchief pendant, you will surely find something “new” for fall. These unique designs are remade into easy-to-wear pieces that are stylish now; like they came out of grandma’s button jar or jewelry box but work with today’s fashions! Click now to save on BluKatDesign repurposed vintage jewelry

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Need some fashion ideas on how to combine vintage and modern? Check this out: How To Wear Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

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