Summer Turquoise Fashion

Summer Turquoise Fashion

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Handmade Jewelry Gifts for Nature Lovers on Etsy


green fabric earrings

Moss green fabric earrings

Handmade Jewelry Gifts for Nature Lovers

Nature inspired gift ideas on Etsy by BluKatDesign. From fabric earrings that look like moss to photo pendants of ferns enclosed in glass to birds nest earrings and pendants,  you will surely find unique handmade gift ideas for nature lovers!

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have many kinds of moss, pale green moss like above or bright green below (earrings made from ribbon!) :

nature lover gifts earrings

Bright green ribbon earrings



green dangle earrings

Lush green dangle earrings like moss!

This fern is from a photo I took on an early summer hike in the Cascade Mountains,  I use it in glass pendants and earrings:

fern pendant necklace

Fern photo pendant


So many trees in the Northwest with all kinds of bird’s nests:

birds nest jewelry earrings

Birds nest earrings


More birds nest jewlery

More birds nest jewelry


Love nature? Why not treat yourself to original handmade jewelry from BluKatDesign on Etsy! Nothing here is mass produced so you will be getting something that is totally unique and special.   These would make perfect mother’s day gifts too!

Do you like nature inspired jewelry? Which is your favorite nature inspired jewelry here?

Gold Jewelry 2017 Boho Feather Necklace Earring Set

Gold Jewelry 2017 Boho Feather Necklace Earring Set


Gold Jewelry 2017 Boho Feather Necklace Earring Set by blukatdesign featuring chain necklaces

Valentines Day DIY Glitter Heart Pendants or Magnets Tutorial

Valentines Day DIY Glitter Heart Pendants  or

Magnets Tutorial

Not sure where the idea for this originated, there are tutorials all over Pinterest for glitter pendants or fingernail polish jewelry.

Find your jewelry supplies at Sun and Moon Craft Kits.

  1. I start with a darker translucent color and paint the outside of your heart shaped glass tile to give the illusion of more depth (you may want to blend a little more than I did here), then add a clear or sparkly clear nail polish  layer. Working quickly and in order add:
  2.  Light fairy dust in center, then pink , then metallic red all over
  3.  Let dry a bit then add 1-2 layers of opaque red and finish off with a metallic red (don’t sprinkle glitter on the backs like I did if you have sensitive skin!)
  4. Use E6000 glue to attach bails for pendants or magnets for a cute magnet set!


Check out my Etsy store for these and other heart jewelry:


valentines day jewelry

Glitter Heart Pendants for Valentine’s Day


heart magnets

glitter heart magnets


See more fun projects here:  Valentines Day Ideas:

 Do you love to sparkle? Let me know if you try this and how they turn out! Comments welcomed below:

PURPLE Handmade Jewelry Gift Ideas

PURPLE Handmade Jewelry Gift Ideas

Make a statement!

Make a statement!


Edgy Glam Fashion

Edgy Glam Fashion