Pantone Color of The Year 2018 Ultra Violet Purple

Pantone Color of The Year 2018 Ultra Violet Purple


Pantone Color of The Year 2018 Ultra Violet Purple Gift Ideas

by blukatdesign featuring handmade jewelry


Have Fun With Your Own Photos On This Photo Editing Site!

Original Mandala by BluKatDesign on Etsy


Have Fun With Your Own Photos On This Photo Editing Site!

LunaPic is a super fun photo editing site I discovered over a year and a half ago searching for a rain effect. I don’t like their rain effect but there is a nice snow effect, plus a lot of other great animated effects! I love any photo editing sites or apps especially if they are easy and fun to use! Many of you know I do computer aided design (CAD) for a living at Sholdt Jewelers in Seattle. This can be simple at times but it also can be very intense work so when I stumble across a simple fun site I get super excited!  This excitement was short lived though when a fellow artist messaged me and accused me of copying their “work” even though I used my own photo!!!  I simply plugged my photo in and I had a cool psychedelic GIF in less than a minute! I was then told I shouldn’t use this effect because they spend many hours making just one GIF!  Heart broken, I decided not to share most of my creations. To add to the heartbreak this person was nasty and also accused me of not having integrity and that I was not creative!


Below is my original mandala design I created on WeaveSilk by permission and used for the GIF above, click to see all of my original mandala designs made into jewelry:

violet mandala

Original mandala design used for GIF above

More GIFs using this same Mandala:



Mandala dangle earrings


The next  GIF is of my dog Zoe, I don’t believe I ever shared.  I love this photo so much I had an artist ArtbyMel.G draw her:


Custom pet portrait by ArtbyMel.G


GIF of Zoe my Shih Tzu


Zoe the Shih Tzu



Turquoise mandala animation


turquoise mandala necklace pendant

Turquoise mandala necklace pendant



Wake up!





Original mandala jewelry available at BluKatDesign on Etsy


It has been a while since I used LunaPic,  that person kind of killed all of the joy I had using it but I will keep using the site occasionally and create more designs. I was told by some that when people question your integrity, it is their own integrity that they are questioning.  Maybe I stumbled upon their little secret?  Maybe they felt threatened because they were not up with the times and not using the apps that are available everywhere now. I will never quite understand how some people think or why they do the things they do!  I love so much to support, inspire, encourage and teach others and not tear them down!

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Have you tried LunaPic or do you know of other fun photo editing sites? Your comments are welcomed! Any questions on effects or photo editors, I will try to help!

How Create a Unique Fashion Style With a One-of-a-kind Fabric Statement Necklace

One-of-a-kind denim fringe statement necklace

One-of-a-kind denim fringe statement necklace

How Create a Unique Fashion Style With a One-of-a-kind

Fabric Statement Necklace

By BluKatDesign Jewelry on Etsy

Create your own unique fashion style with a statement necklace from BluKatDesign Jewelry on Etsy.  A handmade  one-of-a-kind statement necklace can add originality and pizazz to any outfit.  A fabric fringe necklace in particular is comfortable and fun to wear, you can dress it up with an over-the-shoulder dress or go casual!  These come in denim, red and green. Fringe statement necklaces would look great over a turtleneck, add some retro accessories for even more unique style.

fabric statement necklace

Wear a BKD fringe necklace over a turtleneck


How Create a Unique Fashion Style With a One-of-a-kind Fabric Necklace

Wear a fabric necklace with an over-the-shoulder top

fun and funky fashion

Fun and funky fashion ideas with a fabric statement necklace from BluKatDesign


Fiber art jewelry fringe necklace in red

Fiber art jewelry fringe necklace in red


Fringe necklace in green

Fringe necklace in green


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Would you wear a fabric statement necklace? How would you style it? I would love your comments!

How To Make Your Style Unique With Handmade Jewelry: Repurposed Denim Jeans Collection

denim jewelry


How To Make Your Style Unique With Handmade Jewelry: Repurposed Denim Jeans Collection

By BluKatDesign on Etsy


Handmade jewelry can add so much uniqueness to your style. If you have a casual style like me, denim jewelry is the answer!  Like your favorite pair of jeans, denim necklaces and earrings go with everything. Dress them up or go casual, you will always feel comfortable wearing original denim jewelry from BluKatDesign on Etsy.  From “rag” necklaces, to denim beads or belt hoop earrings, surely you will find something that fits your unique style!

Repurposed jeans necklace


Pearl dangle denim earrings with vintage filigree


Long denim boho necklace




Denim statement necklace made from seams


Belt hoop flower earrings


Simple repurposed denim belt hoop earrings


denim bead earrings wrapped with copper

denim bead earrings wrapped with copper


cute upcycled denim necklace pendant

Cute upcycled denim necklace pendant



Upcycled denim "rag" statement necklace

Upcycled denim “rag” statement necklace


Upcycled denim flower necklace with Levi's rivets

Upcycled denim flower necklace with Levi’s rivets


For more upcycled denim jeans jewelry be sure to check out BluKatDesign Handmade Artisan Jewelry on Etsy. There is more to come including pendants made from the Levi’s tags so stay tuned! Please follow BluKatDesign on Facebook to keep up to date and on Pinterest:

Fiber Art Jewelry

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Would you wear denim jewelry? Which is your favorite piece? I would love your comments!

Fall Gift Ideas on Etsy!

Fall Gift Ideas on Etsy!


Fall Gift Ideas on Etsy! by blukatdesign

Fall is in the air! Find unique  handmade jewelry, accessories, fashion and home decor items for fall:

Skull jewelry

Gold earrings

Knit scarve

Vinal sign

Floral wreath

Wall sign

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Shop  upcycled and handmade artisan jewelry on Etsy

DIY Simple Upcycled Wall Art With Fabric Scraps


DIY simple wall art with fabric scraps.

It has been a long time since I have done any crafts other than jewelry! This upcycled fabric wall art is quick and easy to do. You can do so many variations adding ribbons, lace, fringe, yarn, beads or anything else you may have on hand! You could even do a landscape scene, the options are limitless! Great art project for kids too!


Materials: canvas, fabric scraps, decoupage glue, tacky glue

Tools: scissors, paint brush


  1. Tear strips of fabric (snipping the fabric end first makes it easy to tear)  making sure they are long enough to wrap around your canvas or long enough to leave as a fringe:

upcycled fabric DIY art


2. Lay out a few strips of fabric to get an idea of the design and how much fabric you need:

fabric scrap art


3. Start gluing down the strips with the decoupage glue; paint some glue onto the canvas than add the fabric, painting over the fabric (you can take another strip of fabric to the bottom and top edges or use a colored sharpie so the top and bottom edges look finished) :

easy DIY wall art


4.  Keep adding fabric strips overlapping slightly:

simple DIY fabric wall art


5.  I kind of like the “fringe” but I will tuck the ends under this one using tacky glue.

colorful fabric wall art



easy wall art with fabric


6. You can leave it as it or I painted another heavy coat of decoupage on mine, then you are finished! For more dimension, you can also embellish with cord, tassels or buttons using a hot glue gun when dry but I wanted this one simple and flat.

DIY wall art


easy wall art tutorial

Simple DIY Fabric Wall Art


Want to see more quick and easy wall art idea? Check out my post:  5 Easy Wall Art Projects

For more home decor craft ideas follow my Pinterest board: DIY Craft Ideas



Do you like how this fabric wall art turned out? Do you have any other ideas for easy wall art? Please leave a comment below:

Jazz Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Fun Skull Jewelry and Accessories

Liven Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Fun Skull Jewelry


Jazz Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Fun Skull Jewelry, Handmade by BluKatDesign

These colorful skull statement necklaces, pendants, earrings and accessories are a great way to liven or jazz up your fall wardrobe! You can dress them up or wear casually. Almost all of these are one of a kind or made from a limited supply of beads so you will not see these on anyone else! Perfect sugar skull jewelry for Day of the Dead or Halloween!  Watch for my Labor Day Sale and load up on fun gifts for friends, family and treat your self to some handmade jewelry you’ve always wanted!

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