2018 Jewelry Trends: Asymmetrical and Chunky Chains

Fall winter 2018-19 jewelry accessory trends

Fall winter 2018-19 jewelry accessory trends as seen on Glowsly


2018 Jewelry Trends: Asymmetrical and Chunky Chains

By BluKatDesign on Etsy

As an artist I have always loved asymmetrical jewelry and mismatched earrings. The challenge here is taking ideas from New York Fashion Week, as seen in Glowsly, and making jewelry that is wearable for everyday or comfortable enough to wear out!  For mismatched earrings, you don’t even have to buy new pieces just find earrings that have similar colors or textures. Maybe you have a pearl stud, try mixing it with a tassel dangle! If you want something new check out my latest earrings in gold, gunmetal and silver:


2018 trends: mismatched and asymmetrical earrings

2018 trends: mismatched and asymmetrical earrings by BluKatDesign on Etsy


Upcycled vintage jewelry made into asymmetrical earrings

Upcycled vintage gold jewelry made into stylish asymmetrical earrings!


Vintage beads and found object earrings

Vintage beads and found object earrings


Edgy asymmetrical gunmetal dangle earrings

Edgy asymmetrical gunmetal dangle earrings by BluKatDesign on Etsy


chunky chain 2018-2019 jewelry trends

2018 trends: chunky chain from Glowsly


Chunky chain earrings, lightweight and fun to wear!

Chunky chain earrings, lightweight and fun to wear!


Chunky chain lariat

Versatile chunky chain lariat


Do you like the chunky chains and asymmetrical earring trend? Think you could rock these looks?


2018 Jewelry Fashion Trends: Earrings

2018 jewelry trends from Harper Bazaar

2018 jewelry trends from Harper Bazaar


2018 Jewelry Fashion Trends: Earrings

by BluKatDesign on Etsy

As a designer, I like to watch trends like you see at New York Fashion Week.  I love the challenge of trying to make something similar that would be better suited for normal life!  These lightweight aluminum silver chain tassel earrings ( below) do just that, you can wear them all day long and into the night with comfort and show stopping style! Tassels are always in style but they are super hot for 2018-19.

Chunky chain tassel earrings

Comfortable lightweight chunky chain tassel earrings are show stoppers from BluKatDesign on Etsy


Mixed metal tassel shoulder duster earrings

Long sleek mixed metal tassel shoulder duster earrings


Colorful chain tassel earrings in purple or red

Colorful chain tassel earrings in purple or red


You will see chunky chain, tassels and mixed metals. I just saw these earrings below that look like mine on Vogue! Which ones do you like better?


new york fashion week jewelry

2018 jewelry trends, Vogue



Handmade twirly mixed metal dangle earrings

Handmade twirly mixed metal dangle earrings from BluKatDesign


Gold dangle earrings like Harry Potter time tuner!

Gold dangle earrings like Harry Potter time tuner!


Gold is still in style and you will be seeing more asymmetrical and mismatched earrings! Stay tuned for my version of asymmetrical earrings soon! What do you think of these trends ?

Unique Wedding Inspiration: Vintage Peach Sunset Beach Wedding

Peach dangle earrings, bridesmaid set of 6

Unique Wedding Inspiration:  Vintage Peach Sunset Beach Wedding

by BluKatDesign on Etsy


I love a unique wedding because they tend to be more fun, relaxed and memorable!  This set of 6 bridesmaid’s dangle earrings are the inspiration for a vintage beach sunset wedding!  They are made from unique vintage beads, pink chalcedony gemstones and shimmery peachy pink shells. The shell dangles remind me of peach rose petals! Like each special bridesmaid, every pair is unique and different. These dangle earrings are not so matchy-matchy which is right on trend! All jewelry is from my Etsy store BluKatDesign. The rest of the finds are mostly from assorted shops on Etsy, click on photos to go to their shops or websites.



wedding shower invitations

Peach beach wedding or bridal shower invites from BeaconLane



peach rose petals

Peachy pink and yellow rose petals from RosePetalsEverywhere on Etsy


vintage peach wedding

Vintage peach wedding, flowers from Eight Tree Street,  Debbie Ringle Photography



bridesmaid earring set of 6

Vintage peach dangle earrings, bridesmaid set of 6 from BluKatDesign on Etsy



mother of the bride necklace

Vintage flower necklace, perfect for the mother of the bride!


richmond beach wedding location

Romantic gazebo overlooking at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park just north of Seattle



rose cake topper

Cake topper rose from KelsieCakes on Etsy



vintage peach lace dress

Vintage dresses for bridesmaids can add interest with all the different shades and textures. This lovely 1950’s lace dress is from ANTIGOs on Etsy



shell wedding cake decorations

Shell cake decorations from Sugarainbow on Etsy



Unique handmade bridesmaid dresses from ArmoursansAnguish

Unique handmade bridesmaid dresses made from recycled and reclaimed materials from ArmoursansAnguish 



vintage coral rose necklace

One-of-a-kind vintage coral rose necklace with the pink chalcedony beads



peach dangle earrings

If you don’t need a whole bridesmaid set I have a single pair available, just click on photo!


Need more unique wedding ideas? See:

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Follow my Pinterest board, Wedding Ideas for more fun wedding ideas!


Do you think unique weddings are more fun and memorable? Like the idea of a not so matchy-matchy wedding? What themes do you like? Comments welcomed!

How to Pick the Right Color Jewelry for Your Skin Tone


Gold and bronze jewelry

How to Pick the Right Color Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

By BluKatDesign on Etsy

There are no hard rules for what metals to wear with certain skin tones, I suggest wearing what you like best! Don’t be afraid to mix metals for a more modern, updated look also! Look at the veins on your wrist, if they are greenish, your have a warm skin tone, if blue you have a cool tone, if  you have a combination, you have a neutral skin tone.   Warmer, olive skin tones may look better with gold or brass, cooler toned people tend to look better with silver, white gold or even gunmetal.  Some of us with a more neutral skin tone can wear anything but it depends on hair color and outfit color too so don’t be afraid to experiment! Rose gold or copper can look great on anyone!

BluKatDesign is known for vibrant colorful jewelry but you can find gold, brass, silver, gunmetal and even copper jewelry that will go with anything in your wardrobe. You can use navy as in my line of denim jewelry as a neutral or even blue and green can work as a neutral color also.


Silver, gray, gunmetal jewelry


Handmade jewelry in copper

Handmade jewelry in copper

What is your favorite metal? Do you like to mix metals? Comments welcome.

How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY

Framed Vintage Handkerchiefs

Framed Vintage Handkerchiefs



How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY

This is a simple wall art project for my collection of my late mother-in-law’s vintage handkerchiefs. I found this rectangular frame at Ikea and the square ones I got a deal online. You just need some acid free scotch magic tape (it will say good for photos on the label) and maybe some acid free white paper if your handkerchiefs are very fine, see-through white. I first arranged them how I wanted them and ironed them out. I started with the bottom handkerchief, wrapped the edges around the back and taped to the back and did this with each layer. If you really want the handkerchiefs to pop you can try taping a white paper backing but I was lazy and kind like of like how you can see though them. The tricky part is to get it in the frame without wrinkles, I found if you lean the frame against the wall and keep the handkerchiefs upright it should go into place just fine!


vintage handkerchief collection



DIY vintage wall art



vintage handkerchief wall art DIY



Vintage wall art DIY

Vintage handkerchief wall art DIY


Like the idea of fabric wall art? See this post:

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See more fun wall art projects here:

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What do your think? Is this  a better idea than just keeping them in a box? Comments welcome.



How To Wear Upcycled Vintage Jewelry For A Modern Look

vintage flower statement necklace fashion

How To Wear Upcycled Vintage Jewelry For A Modern Look

by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Do you love vintage jewelry but don’t know what to wear with it? BluKatDesign is known for upcycled jewelry. Some of the first upcycles I did were repurposed vintage jewelry that were remade into one-of-a-kind statement necklaces. The necklaces in the first four photos are sold but this will give you an idea of what to wear with your jewelry from BluKatDesign.  For a modern, everyday look,  I like clean classic lines and solids to accent the necklace; nothing too fancy because I like to be comfortable!  Of course, these pieces would look great dressed up with any vintage or modern style fashion! These sets were created on the fashion site, Polyvore but sadly this site was bought out by a clothing line so I wanted to share these sets here with you.

repurposed vintage jewelry

Vintage flower and frog necklace

upcycled jewelry vintage flower necklace

Shimmery vintage flower necklace

vintage modern fashion

Repurposed vintage flower necklace



These next repurposed vintage pieces are available now at BluKatDesign on Etsy, click on photos to take your to my online jewelry store!


Rpurposed mint green necklacemade with vintage buttons and earrings

Rpurposed mint green necklace made with vintage buttons and earrings



Upcycled antique key necklace with vintage charms

Upcycled antique key necklace with vintage charms, beads and buttons



Upcycled vintage rose necklace

Upcycled vintage rose necklace


Like what you see? Check out more articles on repurposed vintage jewelry:

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Be sure to check out my store for more vintage statement necklaces, vintage button pendants and earrings!  As far as Polyvore goes, check out ShopLook, you can upload your fashion sets and soon they will have a clipper! If you are on ShopLook, feel free to add your link below so we can follow each other! You can find me here: BluKatDesign ShopLook.  Do you accessorize with vintage jewelry? What do you wear with your vintage accessories? Comments welcome!

Boho Casual Spring/Summer Fashion 2018

boho ribbon statement necklace

Boho Casual Spring/Summer Fashion 2018

Boho ribbon statement necklace by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Whimsical  Boho ribbon statement necklace upcycled from ribbon scraps perfect for your spring and summer fashions! This is a one-of-a-kind piece that you will not find anywhere else! Click on photo for details now before it is gone!