DIY Crafts Clay Christmas Ornaments

Clay ornaments

Simple DIY clay ornaments

DIY Crafts Clay Christmas Ornaments


natural stone clay crafts

Natural stone clay from ACTÍVA Products

Simple DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments For a Fun Holiday Craft Project

 I have always loved the look of lacy ceramics so when I got this Natural Stone Clay  from ACTÍVA Products I was super excited to try making ornaments using my late mother-in-laws doilies to make textures in the clay. This is a super easy project that would be great for kids!  I love the natural white but you could use a watercolor to accentuate the lace.

materials for christmas ornamentsMaterials:

  • Natural Stone Clay by ACTÍVA Products
  • Krylon or Valspar clear gloss or satin finish
  • Fairy dust glitter
  • Cord for hanging


  • Cookie cutters
  • Old rolling pin or straight glass
  • Doilies
  • Waxed paper
  • Stir stick straw
  • Optional sandpaper


  1. Take a handful of clay making sure you have enough for the size of cookie cutter you are using.  Make a ball and press flat then gently roll out about 3/8″ thick on waxed paper with old rolling pin or straight glass. This clay reminds me of pie dough; it will crack and split if you press too hard. If it does crack, just squish it together. I found working one or two ornaments at a time is the easiest:


2) Sandwich the dough between two doilies and roll out until about 1/4″ thick:

Roll clay between doilies




3) Lift off doily and cut out with cookie cutters, I had a flower and heart cutters but birds would be cute too:

cookie cutter ornaments


4) With a stir stick straw, poke a hole for the cord hanger:

clay flower ornament


christmas ornament crafts

5) Smooth out any rough edges with finger, may use a little water.

6) Let dry 1-2 days on waxed paper, flipping them over if they start curling. You can use sandpaper on the dry clay and also smooth the dry clay with water if necessary.

7) Seal with Krylon clear satin or gloss, sprinkling with fairy dust  glitter and another coat of Krylon.  Let dry then flip them over and do the other side.

8) Tie a cord and hang!

holiday ornament diy


holiday oranment DIY


If you like these ornaments see ideas for more Christmas ornaments: upcycled ornaments using fabric scraps to cover old bulbs and photo ornaments made from jar lids! Also : 5 Christmas Crafts Ornaments and Decorations

Follow my Pinteres board: Christmas Ornaments

Do you love making Christmas ornaments as much as I do?  If you try making these let me know how it goes, comments welcomed!


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