DIY Vintage Inspired Tart Tin Ornaments

DIY Tart tin ornaments

DIY Vintage Inspired Tart Tin Ornaments

I love making these tart tin ornaments using new or vintage tart tins,  jewelry parts, paper flowers, old Christmas cards, and trims. I get my vintage tart tins off ebay or you can use new tart tins.  For the backs I use an old Christmas card or scrapbook paper and use a flower paper punch or trace around a small glass that fits in the center of the tin.  I then glue the paper to the tart tin using YES glue.  I use Aleene’s tacky glue to glue pearls or lace ( I prefer this over a hot glue gun because it dries clear and not as messy) If I am gluing metal jewelry parts, I use E6000 for the best hold. You can also use metallic pipe cleaners for a sparkly trim, I use a hot glue gun for this!

vintage inspired tart tin ornaments

Tart tin ornament using vintage pearls and paper flowers

DIY tart tin ornaments with rhinestones

DIY tart tin ornaments with rhinestones

Don’t have any vintage jewelry on hand? I found these rhinestone brooches work well and are affordable, just pop off the pin back and use E6000 to glue or I sewed one on the green fabric yoyo I had (see above photo). To hang, just punch 2 holes using a hammer and nail then thread your string through.

Victorian tart tin ornaments

Blue vintage inspired ornaments are available in my Etsy store!

Pink Victorian Christmas ornaments

Pink Victorian Christmas ornaments in my Etsy store!

Poinsettia Tart Tin Oranments

Poinsettia ornament set available now at BluKatDesign on Etsy

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DIY Clay ornaments

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Don’t have time to make ornaments? Please visit my Etsy store BluKatDesign to get your own handmade ornaments!

This style ornament is perfect for a Victorian or classic tree! Be sure to check out my Etsy store for these and other styles of handmade ornaments! Do you make your own ornaments? If so what are you making? Comments welcomed here!

26 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Inspired Tart Tin Ornaments

  1. Oh my goodness, those ornaments are beautiful. I remembered having those when I was younger, but it was used for an ashtray…. haha so much less glam !

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