6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials


DIY Decoupage crafts

6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials

6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials 

I don’t know why decoupage is so addicting and fun, maybe it is a quick way to transform an item into something new.

Here are six of my favorite DIY decoupage craft projects and tutorials:

decoupage manniquin heads crafts

Decoupage Mannequin Heads


1) DIY Decoupage Mannequin Heads: fun and funky way to make easy sculptures for your decor using maps, newspaper or colorful decoupage paper!


DIY Decoupage Earrings Tutorial

DIY Decoupage Earrings Tutorial


2) DIY decoupage Map Earrings Tutorial: Make stylish and colorful earrings using old maps of your favorite places.


DIY decoupage earrings with hand stamped gold

DIY decoupage earrings with hand stamped gold


3) DIY hand stamped, embossed and decoupaged earrings: Make beautiful artsy earrings using scrap paper and gold embossing powder.


mixed media art

Mixed Media With Decoupage Maps


4) Spruce up an old acrylic mixed media painting with decoupage!


decoupage sheet music balls

decoupage sheet music balls


5) Make decorative balls for home decor or decoupage Christmas ornaments using upcycled sheet music.


decoupage bust for jewelry display

decoupage bust for jewelry display


6) Make your own unique decoupage bust to display or store your jewelry.



For more craft ideas please follow my Pinterest board:  Handmade Craft Ideas:


Do you like to decoupage? What are your favorite things to decoupage? Comments welcome below:


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