DIY Mannequin Head Sculpture

DIY mannequin head sculptures

DIY Crafts

DIY Crafts Mannequin Head Sculpture

Need to add a little shimmer and glam to your decor? Here is a fairly simple way to decorate mannequin heads. All you need is a styrofoam mannequin head, I get mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply for under $5. You will need some newspaper or tissue paper, decoupage glue, gold, silver, copper or any color leaf, adhesive size and a sealer. I use Mona Lisa  adhesive and size by Speedball found in larger craft stores. You will need a super soft natural brush to smooth out the leaf and another brush for painting on the size.

adhesive size

Mona Lisa Adhesive Size by Speedball

Step 1: To cover up the styrofoam texture and seams  I decoupaged tissue paper over the head, filling in any dents and seams and let dry over night then you can either sand smooth or just rub out any unwanted wrinkles with your fingernail. I left mine wrinkly for texture. I painted my head dark brown just in case any silver leaf didn’t stick ( I didn’t want white showing through)

mannequin head crafts

Craft ideas using mannequin heads

Step 2: Paint a thin coat of your adhesive size; I used a water based product and it was tacky within 10 minutes but yours may take up to 1/2 hour.

Step 3: Carefully and gently pick up a sheet of the leaf with the paper underneath and press the leaf  to the head using the paper not you fingers, rubbing lightly to get it to stick. Use the soft natural brush to rub off any excess.  You might want to do a google search for a you tube video if you have never done this before trying! Then you just repeat the process until the head is covered. If you miss any spots you can just take a little piece of leaf and press!

Step 4: Unless you are using 24K gold, you must use a sealer made for leafing or it will tarnish; I let the head dry overnight before sealing with the Mona Lisa Sealer by Speedball.

See my decoupage mannequin heads  tutorial to see how to make the head using a map and other fun papers!


Silver leaf mannequin head sculpture

DIY  Silver Leaf Mannequin Head Sculpture


Mannequin Head Sculptures

Mannequin Head Sculptures

Mannequin head sculptures DIY

DIY Decor

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Do you like to decoupage? Do you have any sculpture art in your home? Comments welcomed:


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