Christmas Crafts: Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments DIY


Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Christmas Crafts: Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments DIY


By Heather O’Cain, artist/upcycler at BluKatDesign on Etsy


Do you love a vintage Christmas theme?  My style is sleek modern but for Christmas I love the vintage charm! I got an early start this year in making Christmas decorations, I just finished a fabulous vintage jewelry Christmas tree last week!  I received most of the vintage jewelry and these cookie cutters from my late mother-in-law.  For making the ornaments, you will need some old Christmas cards or sheet music, pearl strands or lace, vintage jewelry, charms, flowers, ribbon, gold cord for hanging and a glue gun!


DIY christmas crafts

Make ornaments using cookie cutters, paper flowers, ribbon, vintage beads and old Christmas cards


Trace around the cutter on the card, then make your cut slightly inside the line


Hot glue the Christmas card inside the cutter then glue vintage beads and paper flowers, I may add glitter later…

DIY vintage cookie cutter ornament

Tie a cord around the handle on the back and hot glue a ribbon bow!


Assemblage ornament

Assemblage ornament


DIY christmas crafts ornaments



DIY holiday crafts



DIY Christmas decorations crafts



handmade christmas ornaments DIY



vintage ornaments crafts



Vintage cookie cutter ornaments

Vintage cookie cutter ornaments

Usually I don’t get a chance to make Christmas decorations until AFTER Christmas. These were easy and quick to make so I could fit them in with all my jewelry making this year. Not sure when the tree will go up but it will be after Thanksgiving!


NOW AVAILABLE ON ETSY: Handmade vintage cookie cutter ornaments


For more Vintage Christmas ideas see my board on Pinterest: Vintage Christmas

Do you love the Vintage theme for Christmas? Do you love making ornaments? Comments welcome!

41 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts: Vintage Cookie Cutter Ornaments DIY

  1. I’ve never been that excited over a christmas diy project! Thank you for this brilliant idea, we have a bunch of those that we did not know what to do with!

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