Everyday Casual Jewelry: Denim Circles Collection

denim jewlery collection


Everyday Casual Jewelry: Denim Circles Collection


By Heather O’Cain, BluKatDesign Jewelry on Etsy


Are you a denim lover? Have a favorite pair of jeans? Have you ever thought of denim accessories? Well, like your favorite pair of jeans this vibrant denim jewelry collection will go with everything! Denim layering is on trend and accessories are a great way to add some layers! From circle earrings to circle brooches there is something for everyone in this collection. The following pieces are made with layers of denim and fabric that is frayed then sealed:


denim flower brooches

layered denim fabric brooches

Layered denim fabric brooches with vintage mother of pearl buttons!


artsy red denim circle earrings

Artsy denim and red fabric circle earrings


The following earrings and pendant are made from denim circles stuffed inside a bell cap and look like bluebells:


denim tassel necklace earring set


bluebell denim flower earrings

Made from denim circles! Buy individually or save on set!


Levis jeans button earrings

Earrings made from Levi’s jeans buttons!


belt hoop earrings and pendant jewelry set

Are these circles? They were once belt hoops!


upcycled denim dangle earrings

Stacked frayed denim circles make for interesting textured earrings!

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See other available fabric jewelry on Etsy : Fiber Art Jewelry

Be sure to check out my Denim Jewelry Collection at BluKatDesign on Etsy for more styles and color combos!


Do you have a favorite here? Would you wear denim jewelry? I would love your comments!

How To Add a Pop of Color And Style With Infinity Scarf Necklaces

summer infinity scarf necklaces

How To Add a Pop of Color And Style With Infinity Scarf Necklaces


Add a pop of summer color and style with infinity scarf necklaces by BluKatDesign on Etsy. These lightweight scarf necklaces will make a big statement this summer! They are perfect for a breezy casual summer day or cool summer night.  Wear them with solid summer colors or denim, beachwear or eveningwear to give you a chic, stylish look. They are all upcycled and one-of-a-kind. Clicking on photos will take you to my Etsy store:





summer style



summer infinity scarf


summer infinity scarf necklace

Lightweight infinity scarf necklace in summer colors



Blue scarf is great for year-round!



This is me wearing my scarf upcycled from a favorite t-shirt! Click to see more scarf statement necklaces!


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Do you like the idea of a lightweight scarf for summer? What would you wear these with? I would love your comments below:

Repurposed Vintage Key Charm Necklaces, Upcycled Jewelry

upcycled repurposed key necklace with vintage purple rhinestonefiligree

Vintage purple filigree with key and ribbon cord


Repurposed Vintage Key Charm Necklaces, Upcycled Jewelry

by BluKatDesign on Etsy

I love using found objects in my jewelry, using  antique and vintage keys are perfect accents for long necklaces, pendants and statement necklaces. I use REAL keys, not the mass produced charms you can buy at the bead store, these are from my collection and some even from my Dad’s collection! Something about an old key or vintage jewelry has a “feel” or a story to tell. Plus I love the challenge of making something stylish and fun for you to wear today! Click on photos to take you to the items in my Etsy store:

long upcycled green glass knob necklace antique key

Long green glass knob necklace with antique key


vintage cameo key necklace pendant

vintage cameo key necklace pendant


repurposed key statement necklace

Repurposed key statement necklace


day of the dead key skull necklaces

Colorful Day of the Dead key skull necklaces


vintage summer fashion ideas key necklace

Vintage summer fashion with key necklace by BluKatDesign on Etsy



Do you need more ideas on how to wear your new BluKatDesign upcycled jewelry? Check out all of the cool things The Vintage Inspired Passionista does with BluKatDesign jewelry!


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DIY Upcycled Jewelry: Simple Cuff Bracelet from a Brooch

Simple DIY Cuff Bracelet

Simple DIY Cuff Bracelet

DIY Upcycled Jewelry: Simple Cuff Bracelet From a Brooch

DIY simple cuff bracelet made from a brooch. I love quick and easy projects! All you need is some wide elastic, mine is 1 1/4″, you can find it in all sorts of great colors now but I had  some black, and a brooch:


DIY bracelet cuff


Simply wrap the elastic firmly  around your wrist and overlap about 1″ and cut. ( it will stretch and the weight of the brooch will make it flop around more so you want it tighter than you think!)  You can hand sew it but I did a zig zag back and forth several times with my machine on both ends:


DIY jewelry project


Trim all of the threads,  I pinned my brooch over the seams so they didn’t show.  You may want to stitch the brooch down in a couple spots if necessary. For the clasp, I like to use a dab of rubber cement to hold it closed more securely, later you can somewhat easily remove the cement if you want to use the brooch again. I am not a bracelet person but this may be cute for a special occasion, it reminds me of Christmas! These would be great for proms too!


DIY brooch bracelet


DIY bracelets

Brooch Bracelet Cuffs


I love to make upcycled necklaces and earrings also, be sure to check out my Etsy store, BluKatDesign and see my latest upcycled vintage brooch necklace:


upcycled vintage brooch necklace

Upcycled vintage brooch necklace on Etsy


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Are you a fan of vintage upcycled jewelry?  Think this would be an easy and fun project? Comments welcomed!

Upcycled Jewelry, Long Tassel Necklaces, Necklace Statement

tassel necklace

Upcycled tassel necklace


Upcycled Jewelry, Long Tassel Necklaces, Necklace Statement

Upcycled necklaces made from glass and wooden knobs are available in my Etsy store! These are great to wear over a winter sweater or summer tunic. I love how Abby, from The Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog  layers them with a shorter statement necklace to make a totally unique fashion statement! All of my repurposed knob necklaces are one of a kind just like my statement necklaces which are made from upcycled jewelry parts and buttons. Both long and short necklaces are comfortable, easy and fun to wear and totally unique pieces of art jewelry! Nothing in my Etsy store is mass produced so you wont see anyone else wearing your jewelry!

Handmade Upcycled Jewelry on Etsy
long necklaces

Repurposed tassel necklaces

upcycled jewelry

Upcycled long glass knob necklace

Steampunk necklace

Long upcycled wooden knob necklace, Steampunk style

statement necklace

Repurposed vintage jewelry statement necklace

People are saying about the knob necklaces:
Kim says, “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Buy with confidence from this wonderful seller!”

Chasidy says, “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love the knob necklaces. They are truly my favorite of all the items in BluKatDesigns shop 🙂 Each one is a wearable piece of art…I love hanging them on the wall just as much as my daughter and I love wearing them. Start your own BluKatDesign knob necklace collection today 🙂 “

Connie says, “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Heather is an Artist – very willing to try new ideas and expand on them. The necklace is gorgeous and I will not hesitate to buy from BluKatDesigns/Heather with confidence again.”

If you want a unique look that will surely get you noticed, pick out an upcycled knob tassel necklace to update your wardrobe now!~

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Do you like unique one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces or do you buy the mass produced stuff from the department store? Comments welcomed!

Big Statement Rings – Button Jewelry – Upcycling

upcycled button rings

Upcycled button rings

I am not sure why I didn’t make these cool upcycled button rings sooner, they are so fun to make and wear! I just love arranging new and vintage buttons from my button stash to make cool color combinations for button pendants and now button statement rings! This is my first time wire wrapping,  I like the look of the aluminum wire but I make them with silver and gold plated and copper too!  I will also be making these in adjustable rings that will be perfect for gift giving so be sure to check out my Esty shop frequently for new  button jewelry!

vintage button ring

Vintage button ring with turquoise button

button ring

Stacked button ring in orange

flower button ring

Flower statement button ring in turquoise

button ring

Wire wrapped stacked button ring

mod target button ring

Mod target button ring

seahawks ring

Statement ring in Seattle Seahawks colors

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board: Button Jewelry for more rings, pendants, statement necklaces made from repurposed buttons!

What do you think of my button rings? Comments Welcome!

6 DIY Projects for Home and Garden

6 DIY Projects  for Home and Garden

These are my top five DIY craft for home and garden! They are all super simple and fun to do! Just click on the photos to take you to the tutorials!

1)  DIY Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack or bead storage that hangs under the cabinet and so easy to make from magnetic knife racks:

magnetic spice rack

Magnetic spice rack for under the cabinet

2)  DIY  Modern Earring Hanger   made from an old metal frame and a radiator grill sheet metal from the hardware store:

DIY Modern Earring Hanger

Hang your earrings in style on this modern earring holder

3)  DIY Painted Glass VasesThese are made from craft store paint and cheap  florist vases. You can use old bottles or mason jars too! I find vases at thrift stores for under a dollar! These vases go well with my turquoise bedroom makeover!

Painted Glass Vase DIY

DIY Painted glass vases

4)  DIY  Upcycle Thrift Store Findsinto something new with spray paint!  These were all brass; the tall one was a lamp base! Notice I repainted the tray blue but I want more pantone “Dazzling Blue” to fit my decor so I must find the right color and repaint it again!

Upcycled decor

Upcycle junky thrift store finds into something new with spray paint!

5)   DIY Sweater Pillows Tutorials  Don’t throw away your old sweaters for these cozy pillows made from old sweaters and even a rouched shirt:

sweater pillows

Sweater Pillow Tutorial

6)  Upcycled Garden Stakes made with old vases, cups , saucers and teapots:

Upcycled Garden Art

Upcycled Garden Art

garden stakes

DIY Upcycled Garden Stakes

Have you tried any of these crafts, which is your favorite? Comments welcomed!

5 Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorials

The five top easy  jewelry tutorials from BluKatKraft Blog

1)   DIY Collage Necklace Pendants made with vintage jewelry parts form earrings , broken jewelry, beads or what ever you can find!. Thanks to Pearl at Beading Gem’s Journal  for featuring my tutorial in her blog it became a popular post, even Jewelry Affaire Magazine later featured it in Spring 2013!  Click on the first photo to take you to the tutorial or see my latest collage pendants in my etsy shop!

pendant tutorial

DIY Collage pendants made from vintage jewelry parts

Collage Pendant Tutorial

My tutorial featured in Jewelry Affaire Magazine, Spring 2013

2)   DIY Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial,  (also thanks to Beading Gem for the how-to part!)  Make  pendants from your own photos or scrapbook paper. My latest mandala pendants made from a computer program called Weave Silk. Click on the photo to take you to the tutorial:

mandala pendants

DIY glass tile pendants

3)   DIY  Bobby Pin Necklace; The Seven Minute Statement Necklace! You can find bobby pins in cool colors now but  if you paint the bobby pins  or make variations (like below), it will take longer than seven minutes!  See more upcycled bobby pin jewelry in my Etsy shop. Click on the first photo for the tutorial!

tribal necklace

DIY Bobby Pin Necklace

upcycled Jewelry

Bobby Pin Pendant

4)   DIY Upcycled  Chain  Necklace tutorial with scrap chain and beads done in a patchwork style. This is a great one for beginners!

5)   See my latest jewelry tutorial to make a fabulous button necklace from vintage buttons and brooches. You can find more button necklaces in my Etsy shop!

DIY Button Bib Necklace

DIY button bib necklace

For more jewelry making ideas see my Pinterest board for DIY Jewelry Tutorials. If you have any fun jewelry tutorials feel free to post your link 🙂

Have you tried any of these tutorials or made any new jewelry pieces lately? Comments welcomed below!