Retro Spring Fashion Style

retro fashion button pendant necklace

Retro Spring Fashion Style

Handmade button necklaces by blukatdesign jewelry on Etsy

These are my favorite necklace pendants for everyday. The vintage flower buttons are perfect for spring, all of my button pendants are one-of-a-kind so you will not see them on anyone else!  Start your own collection today!

Bobby Pin Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry


Bobby Pin Statement Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry

by blukatdesign

See one of a kind unique statement necklaces made with bobby pins!

Handmade Statement Necklace – Upcycled Jewelry

Handmade Statement Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry

By BluKatDesign on Etsy

Valentines XOXO

Heart jewelry earrings

  Take a look at more handmade,  edgy  heart shaped earrings in my Etsy store!

Steampunk heart earrings

Steampunk heart earrings by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Do you like the edgy look or are you more of a romantic or do you like the cutesy Valentines? Comments welcomed here!