Modern Upcycled Jewelry Made From Electrical Resistors

upcycled resistor jewelry

Modern Upcycled Jewelry Made From Electrical Resistors!

My latest upcycling project is jewelry made from electrical resistors I’ve had for years. I finally came up with some unique ways of repurposing resistors on earrings and statement necklaces with a fun modern look. The necklace is super comfortable to wear with an 18″ steel cord, gray resistors and shimmery gray pearls. The earrings are fun, twirly and fairly lightweight. So far I make the earrings in orange, gray and turquoise, you will most definitely get noticed wearing these!

CLICK on photos to take you to my shop, BluKatDesign on Etsy:


statement necklace reisistors

Repurposed resistor statement necklace with gray pearls


Turquoise resistor dangle earrings

Turquoise resistor dangle earrings


Orange dangle earrings with resistors

Orange dangle earrings with resistors


Gray pearl resistor earrings

Gray pearl resistor earrings


This last design has no resistors but came up with the idea while making the resistor earrings with interlacing loops, these look like planets:

Modern dangle earrings

Planet like dangle earrings with glass beads


For more unique repurposed jewelry, please follow my Pinterest board Upcycled Jewelry

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Do you like these modern upcycled designs? Should I find more resistors in other colors to make more jewelry?

Colorful Graphic Design Jewelry Made From Duct Tape!

Colorful Jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Bold, Colorful Graphic Design Jewelry Made From Duct Tape!

If you love color, BluKatDesign on Etsy is your place!  I have been having so much fun with my latest projects using duct tape to make vibrant graphic statement necklaces and earrings. Nothing in my shop is mass produced so you will not see these designs on anyone else! Your fiends will freak out when you tell them it is duct tape! The simple clean modern design will go with today’s styles or pick a retro print for fun! Click on photos to take you to my Etsy store.  Most of the designs are reversible; they have different patterns on either side so you are really getting two necklaces or earrings in one:


Bold Handmade Jewelry Designs:

Colorful geometric patter on one side...

Colorful geometric patter on one side…



..and bold flowers on the other side!

..and bold flowers on the other side!




Reversible Earrings with smaller flowers on the other side

Reversible earrings with smaller flowers on the other side. Click photo to see other side!




Be sure to see my colorful peacock- leopard duct tape statement necklace and earrings!peacock statement necklace earrings set





tiger striped earrings animal print     See  tiger or zebra striped earrings in hot pink or purple!


Do you like colorful jewelry, would you wear jewelry made from duct tape? Comments welcomed!

Recycled Pendant Necklaces Made From CDs and DVDs, Eco Friendly

Recycled CD necklace pendants

Recycled CD necklace pendants

Recycled Pendant Necklaces Made From CDs and DVDs,

Eco Friendly Jewelry

Repurposed, recycled, upcycled…

These are my modern rectangular pendant  necklaces made by recycling CDs and DVDs. The intense color is achieved by baking the CDs and DVDs and the crackle texture is from microwaving! They are so shimmery and vibrant! Collect these vibrant upcycled necklaces in all colors! See my Etsy shop, BluKatDesign for these and more! Use code: UPCYCLED10 to save!


Shimmery Recycled CD Pendant

Shimmery Recycled CD Pendant



Find these pendantsonly at BluKatDesign on Etsy!

Find these rectangular pendants only at BluKatDesign on Etsy!


Like upcycled or recycled jewelry? Comments welcomed.

Repurposed Recycled Upcycled CD and DVD Necklace Pendants

recycled cd pendants


Repurposed,  recycled, upcycled CD and DVD pendants by BluKatDesign on Etsy. These shimmery iridescent pendants are made by microwaving CDs and DVDs for a couple seconds to get a crackle then they are baked in a hot oven for a few minutes to bring out the color; the DVDs are purple and the CDs are turquoise. I never really noticed the different colors until I started baking them! These are the perfect colorful modern necklaces for everyday. Unisex; great shape for both men and women! Click on photos to take you to items in my Etsy store, BluKatDesign.


Purple DVD necklace

Purple DVD necklace


CD necklace pendant

CD necklace pendant


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What do you think of these recycled necklaces? Comments welcomed.