Have Fun With Your Own Photos On This Photo Editing Site!

Original Mandala by BluKatDesign on Etsy


Have Fun With Your Own Photos On This Photo Editing Site!

LunaPic is a super fun photo editing site I discovered over a year and a half ago searching for a rain effect. I don’t like their rain effect but there is a nice snow effect, plus a lot of other great animated effects! I love any photo editing sites or apps especially if they are easy and fun to use! Many of you know I do computer aided design (CAD) for a living at Sholdt Jewelers in Seattle. This can be simple at times but it also can be very intense work so when I stumble across a simple fun site I get super excited!  This excitement was short lived though when a fellow artist messaged me and accused me of copying their “work” even though I used my own photo!!!  I simply plugged my photo in and I had a cool psychedelic GIF in less than a minute! I was then told I shouldn’t use this effect because they spend many hours making just one GIF!  Heart broken, I decided not to share most of my creations. To add to the heartbreak this person was nasty and also accused me of not having integrity and that I was not creative!


Below is my original mandala design I created on WeaveSilk by permission and used for the GIF above, click to see all of my original mandala designs made into jewelry:

violet mandala

Original mandala design used for GIF above

More GIFs using this same Mandala:



Mandala dangle earrings


The next  GIF is of my dog Zoe, I don’t believe I ever shared.  I love this photo so much I had an artist ArtbyMel.G draw her:


Custom pet portrait by ArtbyMel.G


GIF of Zoe my Shih Tzu


Zoe the Shih Tzu



Turquoise mandala animation


turquoise mandala necklace pendant

Turquoise mandala necklace pendant



Wake up!





Original mandala jewelry available at BluKatDesign on Etsy


It has been a while since I used LunaPic,  that person kind of killed all of the joy I had using it but I will keep using the site occasionally and create more designs. I was told by some that when people question your integrity, it is their own integrity that they are questioning.  Maybe I stumbled upon their little secret?  Maybe they felt threatened because they were not up with the times and not using the apps that are available everywhere now. I will never quite understand how some people think or why they do the things they do!  I love so much to support, inspire, encourage and teach others and not tear them down!

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Have you tried LunaPic or do you know of other fun photo editing sites? Your comments are welcomed! Any questions on effects or photo editors, I will try to help!

Mandala Art Jewelry – Colorful Necklaces and Earrings on Etsy

mandala jewelry

Mandala Art Jewelry- 1  1/14″ Pendant

Mandala Art Jewelry – Colorful Necklaces and Earrings on Etsy

Mandala art jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy. Mandalas to me are like yummy eye candy, so colorful, I just want one in every color of the rainbow or Chakra! The colors can also be energizing, soothing and healing. I love making them into glass tile pendants; the glass domes I use make them really pop out in almost 3-D. I wear mine all of the time with a simple stainless steel necklace cord like Abby, The Vintage Inspired Passionista is above but pretty ribbon cords or ball chains are available too.  Casual and unisex, they look great with jeans and a T-shirt.  Great for New Agers, healers, Modern Bohemians, teens, artists or anyone who needs a pop of color! Three sizes are available:  1″, 1 1/4″ ( the most popular) and  the largest 1 1/2 ” is more like a statement pendant or medallion. Lightweight mandala earrings that are made out of wood discs and also magnet sets are available also in my handmade jewelry store.



Mandala Art Jewelry Pendants on Make A Gif



mandala earrings

mandala earrings


mandala pendant

Violet mandala pendant


mandala necklace

Third eye mandala necklace, medium size


mandala art jewelry

Colorful mandala art jewelry


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Do you like colorful jewelry, would you wear mandalas? Comments welcomed!

New Age Jewelry, Mandala Art, Handmade Gift Ideas

mandala necklace

Mandala Cross Pendant in Dark Gunmetal


New Age Jewelry, Mandala Art, Handmade Gift Ideas

Like yummy eye candy in every color! These vibrant  New Age jewelry  and magnets are inspired from the seven Chakras. Mandalas make the perfect gifts for teens, Boho Chic fashionistas, artists, massage therapists or anyone into the healing arts or who likes color. Mandala means “circle” in classical Indian Sanskrit but is a cross cultural symbol used by Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and even Native Americans. My art mandalas are all original designs created by me; they are not made from scrapbook paper or digital downloads like others you see. My pendant necklaces come in three sizes, 1″, 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ in silver, bronze, copper or gunmetal.  If you have a few people on your gift list, I have sets of five or six  wholesale pendants  that can save you money. The magnets come in sets of assorted colors and sizes in decorative boxes ready for gift giving and can be found in my  Etsy shop.


mandala necklace

Mandala necklaces available  in “wholesale” sets to save you money!



mandala magnets

Fiery mandala magnet set, perfect stocking stuffers!



mandala earrings

Mandala earrings



Mandala art paperweight

Third eye mandala art paperweight



I like to wear my mandalas with casual clothes, jeans are always a great choice! Some ideas on how to wear mandalas:



Coral Reef Rain


Coral Reef Rain by cck5100 featuring a turquoise mandala pendant



What I Wore Today - It's all About Comfort!


Do you like colorful mandala designs? Would you like to get a mandala as a gift? Comments welcome.



Colorful Mandalas: Pendants and Magnets Made From Computer Generative Art

mandala pendant

Mandala Pendant from BluKatDesign on Etsy

 Colorful Mandalas

Mandala Pendants and Magnets Made From Computer Generative Art

Mandala or Kaleidoscope pendants are so fun and relaxing to make!  I make them on a computer program called Weave Silk; where you can watch or even interact with a mandala I created or start a new one yourself! Then I print the pattern up and make glass tile pendants or colorful magnets. (I got permission from the creator of Weave Silk before I sold them.)


Mandala created on Weave Silk Interactive Generative Computer Program

I hope you find this program as fun and relaxing as I do, it is kind of an art therapy or meditation!

Have you tried out the program or know of other fun programs and how do you like it? Comments welcomed!