Art and Craft Ideas Using Maps for Decor

mixed media art

Mixed Media With Maps

Art and Craft Ideas Using Maps for Decor

I  have always loved maps. Even in grade school I loved drawing maps!  The above photo is part of my updated mixed media collage; I added the maps two years after “finishing” the piece! Be sure to see my “before and after”;  just click on the link or photo! The following is more handmade map inspired art and decor pieces.  From wall art, clocks to a pillow and vase; all inspired from maps! Below is an amazing  embroidered map by Squibblybups on Etsy! You can get your own customized neighborhood map hand embroidered!

embroidered maps

Embroidered Map

map clock

 Laser Cut Wood Clock  of Rotterdam by UrbanFabic

Anatomical Heart Custom Map Art

Anatomical Heart Custom Map Art by GrannyPantyDesigns on Etsy

topo vase

Topography Vase by maiahomstad on Etsy

San Francisco Bay Map Art

San Francisco Bay Topo Map Art by Crafterall on Etsy

map pillow

Topo Map Pillow by geographyhandmade on Etsy

map clock

Modern London Map Clock by snowbald on Etsy

upcycled crafts

Upcycled Maps and Cans

Above is a fun and easy craft project ucycling maps and cans. Made from a world atlas, road map and topo map,  used for pens and coins in my office. The larger coffee can has straight sides; I just decoupaged the map to the can. The smaller cans have the slightest taper making it bit of a challenge; I used Yes glue (a glue stick could work)  then sealed with a clear acrylic spray when the glue was dry.  You could also cut the paper a little longer and decoupage following the top of the can, then trim the bottom. Below is a decoupage mannequin head I made using an Alberta road map! Be sure to check out my tutorial for decoupaged mannequin heads.

Map Earrings

Handmade Topo Map Earrings

Want to see more map inspired decor and art? Please follow my Pinterest board, Maps!

Do you love maps or have any cool map projects to share? Comments welcomed!

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