Handmade Hair Sticks Accessories for Long Hair

hnadmade hair sticks accessories

Handmade Hair Sticks Accessories for Long Hair


BluKatDesign on Etsy is not only your place for upcycled jewelry, necklaces and earrings but also the best place to find colorful hair sticks or hair chop stick accessories for long hair, available in singles or pairs. These make perfect gifts for girls and women with long hair. Hair sticks are great for glamorous up-dos or that fashionable messy bun!  My latest hair sticks feature ribbon wrapped with wire and glass seed beads for a unique one-of-a-kind artsy feel:


Hair sticks made from ribbon wire wrapped


Wire wrapped ribbon hair sticks in blue

Wire wrapped ribbon hair sticks in blue


Day of the Dead skull hair accessories

Day of the Dead skull hair accessories in turquoise.


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Do you wear hair sticks?  Do you wear a single or  a pair? If you know of anyone with long hair that may like these please share! Comments welcomed.

Hair Sticks, Accessories for Long Hair

hair sticks

Hair Accessories by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Hair Sticks, Accessories for Long Hair

Even though my hair is short, I love making hair sticks! A few years ago a customer asked me to make some hair sticks for her in the same style as the earrings I make. It seemed  like a fun project and I am still making and selling them today! I love collecting unique beads and vintage beads so hair sticks are a great way to display my fabulous bead finds!  Hair sticks are perfect for today’s messy bun styles and also for updos for an evening out, prom or wedding. They also make great gifts for the long haired ladies!

matching earrings

Handmade earrings to match!

blue hair sticks

Sky Blue Hair Sticks


Hairstick Ornaments in Juicy Orange

splarkly hair sticks

Sparkly Hair Bling

zebra hairsticks

Zebra Hair Accessories

bridal hair accessories

Wedding Hair Accessories

Check out my super fun and funky, colorful and festive Day of the Dead inspired skull hair sticks too!

See this great video:  How To Use Hair Sticks  for an easy updo using hair sticks by  QueenLila.com

See my Esty store for more hair accessories for long hair!

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Have you used hairs sticks or want to try using them? Comments welcomed!