New Upcycled Fabric Bell Flower Earrings To Update Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

Bluebell flower upcycled denim earrings

New Upcycled Fabric Bell Flower Earrings

By BluKatDesign on Etsy

Upcycling and working with scrap fabric and denim is one of my favorite things to do. I mostly make jewelry but I have recently made wall hangings! This Spring I have updated my older slightly larger denim bluebell flower earrings with a daintier version with colorful seed bead accents. These new whimsical earrings are now available in my Etsy store in blue denim, pinks, green, purple and even one that looks like a fuchsia flower! There is a black version that looks like a pair of dancers! Adding a new pair of earrings to an existing outfit is a quick and affordable way to update your look! Click on the following photos to go to my Etsy store for more details:

Black fabric flower dancer earrings
Purple fabric bell flower earrings
Purple bell flower earrings handmade with scrap fabric
Fuchsia earrings for flower lover

Does your spring or summer wardrobe need an update? Is it time to get out of your yoga pants yet? Adding a pop of color will update any look! These fun earrings would also make great gifts for gardeners or flower lovers, they come in a cute little box ready for gift giving. Be sure to check out BluKatDesign on Etsy for more upcycled and Eco-Friendly jewelry and gifts.

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Check out these fabulous beads, I just recently added more of these earrings to my Etsy shop: Fiber Art Jewelry – Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

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Have you ever worn fabric jewelry? What do you think of it? I would love too see your comments below!

Retro Spring Fashion Style

retro fashion button pendant necklace

Retro Spring Fashion Style

Handmade button necklaces by blukatdesign jewelry on Etsy

These are my favorite necklace pendants for everyday. The vintage flower buttons are perfect for spring, all of my button pendants are one-of-a-kind so you will not see them on anyone else!  Start your own collection today!

Bobby Pin Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry


Bobby Pin Statement Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry

by blukatdesign

See one of a kind unique statement necklaces made with bobby pins!

Handmade Statement Necklace – Upcycled Jewelry

Handmade Statement Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry

By BluKatDesign on Etsy