Spring Summer Fashion: Pantone Illuminating Yellow

Pantone illuminating yellow fashion ideas

Are you bold enough to wear yellow? Pantone Illumininating yellow is the color of the year 2021! Not everyone looks great in yellow but if you pair it with one of your favorite colors, you can have a fresh new look for this spring or summer! Try small pops of color with accessories like shoes, a bag, or earrings. You can find unique handmade earrings in yellow at my shop on Etsy, BluKatDesign. Click on photos to take you to my Etsy store or UrStyle page for more info.

Yellow button dangle earrings
Add lightweight yellow button earrings to update your wardrobe for spring and summer!

If yellow isn’t your color try a little bit of it it with gray (below), navy, blue, eggplant, purple or even minty green for a fresh new look!

Pantone Ultimate Gray  Illuminating yellow
Retro yellow dangle earrings with vintage beads by BluKatDesign on Etsy
Retro yellow dangle earrings with vintage beads by BluKatDesign on Etsy
Yellow fashion ideas 2021
Fuzzy yellow fabric fashion earrings
Fuzzy yellow fabric earrings can add a pop of color and texture to any outfit!

Don’t be afraid to add a little color like yellow, it is the perfect color for the year, add a little cheery brightness to your life! ūüíõ

If yellow is not your color, please check out other colors in earrings: Vintage Inspired Earrings

Need other accessories? See: How Add A Punch Of Color To Your Summer Wardrobe With Clay Jewelry

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Do you like the color yellow? What colors would you wear it with? I would love to see your comments!

Make a Statement: Coin Necklaces

2019 Fashion Trends from The Carousel


Make a Statement With Coin Necklaces


Coin necklaces are very much in style for the 2019-20 season.¬† Not only are coins hot but mixed metals including gold is right on trend. You can find a fabulous “coin” necklace made from smashed vintage buttons from BluKatDesign on Etsy:


Statement necklace with hammered buttons


Buttons flattened to look like coins!



Fall fashion ideas



From instyle (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)


Find more upcycled jewelry made from keys by BluKatDesign here: Repurposed Key Charm Necklaces


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What do you think of this coin jewelry trend? Should I make more button “coin” necklaces and maybe some earrings? Comments welcomed!



2019 Fashion Trends: Egyptian Style

2019 fashion jewelry trends


Egyptian fashion 2019 fall

Chanel Pre-Fall 2019 Collection ‚Äď New York


2019 Fashion Trends: Egyptian Style


By Heather O’Cain, BluKatDesign on Etsy

Egyptian style is trending this spring, Click on photo above to see more Egyptian styles from Fashion Week. Look for Egyptian style motifs like ankhs, snakes and wings are just some of the few. Pair gold accessories with a little black dress for a classy, modern take on the Egyptian theme. A gold bobby pin necklace from BluKatDesign would make a great conversation starter:


Egyptian style statement necklace

Egyptian style statement necklace by BluKatDesign on Etsy


2019 fashion trends egyptian

2019 Fashion Trends: Egyptian Style


See more fashion trends for the year: Runway VS the Real World

Also fabulous sea shell jewelry for summer: Summer 2019 Jewelry Trends: Sea Shells


Do you love this trend?  I would love to see your comments below:

The Best Polyvore Alternative for Fashion Lovers and Bloggers, Etsy Sellers


The Best Polyvore Alternative for Fashion Lovers and Bloggers, Etsy Sellers

By BluKatDesign on Etsy


Early last year the very popular fashion Social Media site Polyvore was sold and shut down suddenly. This¬† left a lot of us fashion lovers, bloggers and Etsy sellers who loved this platform¬† without the ability to make sets by clipping favorite articles of clothing or accessories. There were some sites that claimed the would get a “clipper” soon or phone apps that kind of worked but are a pain to use. Then I stumbled across URSTYLE, so far I have found this site to work almost identical as Polyvore! I only wish we could find our followers and favorite designers now! Click on photos to take you to URSTYLE and for set details:

See some of my old Polyvore sets here:

How To Wear Upcycled Vintage Jewelry For A Modern Look

How to be Edgy and Bold With Accessories

Do you miss Polyvore and much as I do? I think this is by far the best alternative and hope to see you there! Do you know of any other sites? Comments welcomed!

How Create a Unique Fashion Style With a One-of-a-kind Fabric Statement Necklace

One-of-a-kind denim fringe statement necklace

One-of-a-kind denim fringe statement necklace

How Create a Unique Fashion Style With a One-of-a-kind

Fabric Statement Necklace

By BluKatDesign Jewelry on Etsy

Create your own unique fashion style with a statement necklace from BluKatDesign Jewelry on Etsy.  A handmade  one-of-a-kind statement necklace can add originality and pizazz to any outfit.  A fabric fringe necklace in particular is comfortable and fun to wear, you can dress it up with an over-the-shoulder dress or go casual!  These come in denim, red and green. Fringe statement necklaces would look great over a turtleneck, add some retro accessories for even more unique style.

fabric statement necklace

Wear a BKD fringe necklace over a turtleneck


How Create a Unique Fashion Style With a One-of-a-kind Fabric Necklace

Wear a fabric necklace with an over-the-shoulder top

fun and funky fashion

Fun and funky fashion ideas with a fabric statement necklace from BluKatDesign


Fiber art jewelry fringe necklace in red

Fiber art jewelry fringe necklace in red


Fringe necklace in green

Fringe necklace in green


See more necklaces and earrings made from repurposed jeans: Denim Jewelry Collection


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Would you wear a fabric statement necklace? How would you style it? I would love your comments!

7 Top Looks From The VIP Blog and BluKatDesign Jewelry

Vintage Inspired Passionista

Flower earrings worn by the Vintage Inspired Passionista

I “met” Abby when she was only sixteen …or maybe fifteen, she was such an amazing kid blogger it was hard to believe she was only 16!¬† Now she is already 18 and so grown up and busy living in Alabama¬†as a freelance writer, stylist, and blogger!¬† I think her mom bought some jewelry from me a couple years ago for her to use on Abby’s blog, The Vintage Inspired Passionista and later I asked if they wanted to trade some more jewelry for photos.¬† I get some awesome photos of my jewelry and Abby gets some cool jewelry in return plus they are some of my best customers too! In the top photo¬† Abby is sporting my button stud earrings.¬† Above she is wearing my vintage inspired enameled pink flower earrings!¬† Be sure to click on the photos of Abby to see her articles!¬† I make these flower earrings in many colors and sometimes make flower pendants also! Below is a pair in turquoise:

flower earrings

Vintage Inspired Flower Dangle Earrings

long necklace

The VIP looking fab in a long upcycled necklace from BluKatDesign on Etsy

This is one of my favorite looks that Abby has put together; with the coolest green dress, leather jacket and a long necklace made from an upcycled glass knob!  These necklaces are so fun to make; I have them in all sorts of colors including this colorful Day of the Dead inspired necklace:

long necklace

Upcycled Necklace made from a glass knob!

repurposed necklace

Long Cool Upcycled Knob Necklace (she’s got a collection of them!)

vintage inspired passionista

Abby, the VIP with BKD earrings!

I am not quite sure how to describe these earrings; kind of modern but vintage!  These are very sparkly and made with interesting vintage tube beads that have gold glitter in them. They are a neutral color so they go with anything. Long skinny earrings flatter wider faces like mine!   I love how Abby paired them with a teal blazer (my color!) .

Check the dangle earrings out in my Etsy store:

glitter ball earrings

Sparkling Hot!

These are my glittery, sparkling disco ball dangle earrings;  they are fun to wear!  I also make these retro style earrings in black, silver, red, lavender and more!

repurposed vintage

The VIP with a BKD Repurposed Vintage Necklace

I love this look with an upcycled minty light green heart shaped necklace made from vintage brooches and earrings!  I love all of these colors together; they work perfectly because they are the same tone.  A lot of my necklaces are one of a kind; I have similar vintage button necklaces in my shop made with vintage buttons and earrings:


Vintage inspired necklace

Vintage Inspired Necklace Made From Vintage Buttons and Earrings!

There are just too many other cool outfits Abby has put together using BluKatDesign jewelry to feature here, these are just a few of my favorites!  Be sure to like The Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog on facebook too!  See Abby and others on my Pinterest board, Accessorize With Jewelry.

Which is your favorite look? Comments are welcomed!

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