Colorful Bold Handmade Bib Statement Necklaces with Flowers, Peacock and More!


Handmade Bib Statement Necklaces

with Flowers, Peacock and More!

Reversible statement necklaces made out of duct tape and upcycled CDs! These have different patterns or colors on the front and back so you will be getting two necklaces in one! They are super light weight and so comfortable to wear, plus you will not see anyone else wearing these because they are so unique and a little eclectic in style! Find them in my Etsy store: BluKatDesign

Flower necklace front

bold flower necklace front



Flower necklace back

bold flower necklace back


Peacock bib necklace

Peacock bib necklace statement and earrings; leopard pattern on the necklace back!



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Bobby Pin Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry


Bobby Pin Statement Necklaces – Upcycled Jewelry

by blukatdesign

See one of a kind unique statement necklaces made with bobby pins!

Mandala Art Jewelry – Colorful Necklaces and Earrings on Etsy

mandala jewelry

Mandala Art Jewelry- 1  1/14″ Pendant

Mandala Art Jewelry – Colorful Necklaces and Earrings on Etsy

Mandala art jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy. Mandalas to me are like yummy eye candy, so colorful, I just want one in every color of the rainbow or Chakra! The colors can also be energizing, soothing and healing. I love making them into glass tile pendants; the glass domes I use make them really pop out in almost 3-D. I wear mine all of the time with a simple stainless steel necklace cord like Abby, The Vintage Inspired Passionista is above but pretty ribbon cords or ball chains are available too.  Casual and unisex, they look great with jeans and a T-shirt.  Great for New Agers, healers, Modern Bohemians, teens, artists or anyone who needs a pop of color! Three sizes are available:  1″, 1 1/4″ ( the most popular) and  the largest 1 1/2 ” is more like a statement pendant or medallion. Lightweight mandala earrings that are made out of wood discs and also magnet sets are available also in my handmade jewelry store.



Mandala Art Jewelry Pendants on Make A Gif



mandala earrings

mandala earrings


mandala pendant

Violet mandala pendant


mandala necklace

Third eye mandala necklace, medium size


mandala art jewelry

Colorful mandala art jewelry


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