Colorful Graphic Design Jewelry Made From Duct Tape!

Colorful Jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Bold, Colorful Graphic Design Jewelry Made From Duct Tape!

If you love color, BluKatDesign on Etsy is your place!  I have been having so much fun with my latest projects using duct tape to make vibrant graphic statement necklaces and earrings. Nothing in my shop is mass produced so you will not see these designs on anyone else! Your fiends will freak out when you tell them it is duct tape! The simple clean modern design will go with today’s styles or pick a retro print for fun! Click on photos to take you to my Etsy store.  Most of the designs are reversible; they have different patterns on either side so you are really getting two necklaces or earrings in one:


Bold Handmade Jewelry Designs:

Colorful geometric patter on one side...

Colorful geometric patter on one side…



..and bold flowers on the other side!

..and bold flowers on the other side!




Reversible Earrings with smaller flowers on the other side

Reversible earrings with smaller flowers on the other side. Click photo to see other side!




Be sure to see my colorful peacock- leopard duct tape statement necklace and earrings!peacock statement necklace earrings set





tiger striped earrings animal print     See  tiger or zebra striped earrings in hot pink or purple!


Do you like colorful jewelry, would you wear jewelry made from duct tape? Comments welcomed!

Leopard- Peacock Bib Statement Necklace in Teal, Turquoise

pecock necklace

Leopard- Peacock Bib Statement Necklace

I am having so much fun with my new line of jewelry made from duct tape!  Yes duct tape! My latest design is a reversible bib necklace with a shimmery peacock design on one side and a turquoise and purple leopard animal print on the other!  It is two necklaces in one! These are so fun and easy to wear with my steel necklace cords. Click on the photos to take you to my Etsy store. Now, which earrings would you get, the peacock or the leopard…or both?

Turquoise Leopard Peacock Duct Tape Jewelry:

peacock necklace

Peacock bib necklace statement

duct tape necklace

Shimmery Duct Tape Necklace

colorful bib necklace

bib necklace

Reversible Leopard Print – Peacock Bib Necklace


turquoise leopard earrings jewelry

Animal Print Earrings Made From Duct Tape!


bib necklace


Reversible Peacock - Leopard Necklace Statement

Reversible Peacock – Leopard Necklace Statement


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Do you like the peacock or the leopard? Would you wear jewelry made from duct tape? Comments welcomed!

Mandala Art Jewelry – Colorful Necklaces and Earrings on Etsy

mandala jewelry

Mandala Art Jewelry- 1  1/14″ Pendant

Mandala Art Jewelry – Colorful Necklaces and Earrings on Etsy

Mandala art jewelry by BluKatDesign on Etsy. Mandalas to me are like yummy eye candy, so colorful, I just want one in every color of the rainbow or Chakra! The colors can also be energizing, soothing and healing. I love making them into glass tile pendants; the glass domes I use make them really pop out in almost 3-D. I wear mine all of the time with a simple stainless steel necklace cord like Abby, The Vintage Inspired Passionista is above but pretty ribbon cords or ball chains are available too.  Casual and unisex, they look great with jeans and a T-shirt.  Great for New Agers, healers, Modern Bohemians, teens, artists or anyone who needs a pop of color! Three sizes are available:  1″, 1 1/4″ ( the most popular) and  the largest 1 1/2 ” is more like a statement pendant or medallion. Lightweight mandala earrings that are made out of wood discs and also magnet sets are available also in my handmade jewelry store.



Mandala Art Jewelry Pendants on Make A Gif



mandala earrings

mandala earrings


mandala pendant

Violet mandala pendant


mandala necklace

Third eye mandala necklace, medium size


mandala art jewelry

Colorful mandala art jewelry


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Do you like colorful jewelry, would you wear mandalas? Comments welcomed!

Fiber Art Jewelry – Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

fabric earrings

Fabric wire wrapped earrings

Fiber Art Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

Fiber art jewelry; earrings and necklaces made from fabric, ribbon then wire wrapped with glass beads. My newest line of upcycled jewelry made from my fabric and wire stash. I just love all of the colors and textures, these are so fun to make! The beads remind me of those expensive art glass beads but without the weight. Like little pieces of art, everything is one-of-a-kind and not mass produced. You can find my fabric art jewelry in my Etsy store. Click on the photos to take you to the items in my store:

purple fabric earrings

Purple fabric earrings

fabric earrings

Colorful earrings made from Guatemalan fabric scrap

fabric jewelry

Fabric and pearl necklace earring set

green fabric earrings

fiber art jewelry earrings

handmade earrings

Earrings made from fuzzy ribbon

fabric earrings

fabric tube earrings

To make these yourself,  see my tutorial : DIY wire wrapped fabric beads.  For more upcycled jewelry, follow my Pinterest board:  Upcycled Jewelry

Stay tuned for more colors and shapes! Would you wear fabric or fiber jewelry? Comments welcomed 🙂

Shopping In My Own Closet

It’s a little early but I am in the spring cleaning mode. Started with the garage last weekend, this weekend it is my closet. I pulled about seven pairs of shoes out that I never wear and donated them. That cleared out one shoe rack and I gave it to Dennis  so his shoes wouldn’t be in a heap (He’s the shoe guy!) They say to get rid of clothes you never wear after a year but I always hold on to them a lot longer….for years,  and so glad I did! I found some cozy warm wool leggings to wear around the house and  a nice warm wool sweater that fits me better now! I also found some cool summer tops that just were too clingy to wear the last couple of summers but silly me I didn’t even think to try  pairing them with my favorite wool cardigan for winter! The chartreuse really brightens up the gray  plus I have matching filigree disc earrings:

clean out your closet!

Fun finds right inside my closet!

filigree earrings

Radiant Orchid Filigree Earrings from BluKatDesign on Etsy

Here is another cool top I didn’t wear because it is kind of backless and a little too clingy but looks great with my favorite cardigan! Add some bright sparkly colored earrings and I have a new outfit!

new outfit

Great Finds From My Own Closet

glitter ball dangle earrings

Sparkly  Earrings with Gunmetal by BluKatDesign on Etsy

Now I have a bunch of “new” outfits so I don’t have to wear my same “uniform” every week!

My fashion tips:
1)  Buy quality classics, basic colors
2)  Add new colorful fashion costume jewelry to make a new outfit
3)  Go through your wardrobe once or twice a year, try different combos, don’t get in a rut!

Check out my most popular and “viral” Pinterest board, Organize and Clean for ideas on organizing your closet and the rest of your house!

Do you have any cool  fashion tips you want to share? Comments are welcomed!