Repurposed Glass Knob Pendant Necklaces


upcycled jewelry

Repurposed Glass Knob Necklaces found in my Etsy shop

Repurposed Glass Knob Pendant Necklaces

I love to upcycle everyday items and make them into fabulous fun to wear jewelry! These long pendulum pendant necklaces with chain tassels are made from wood and glass drawer knobs! Each pendant is one-of-a-kind and unique.  No one just has one of these necklaces, they usually buy at least two!  Abby from the  Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog has a collection!


upcycled necklace

The VIP has a collection of  BluKatDesign  upcycled knob necklaces!

Glass knob necklace

Day of the Dead upcycled glass knob necklace


long upcycled glass knob necklace

Long upcycled fashion necklace


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Bread Climp Art and Jewelry

bread climp art

Bread Climp art by Rachel Perry Welty

 Bread Climp Art and Jewelry

Reuse, repurpose and upcycle bread clips or climps as they call them!

Check out this enormous, amazing collection of clips by artist,  Rachel Perry Welty

bread climp upcycling

208,896 Loaves , 2004 Rachel Perry Welty

On a smaller scale, I love these metal tags made by Melanie Faureau customized with the date of your choice or  these fun earrings from Bring by Yoriko Nishiyama;

bread climp pendant

Bread clip pendant made by Melanie Faureau

bread clip earrings

Bread Clip Earrings by  Bring

How about a wedding dress made out of bread climps? That’s what fashion designer,  Stephanie Watson did!

bread clip fashion

Wedding Dress Made From Bread Climps

See my latest upcycling project; a colorful mosaic of bread climps! To see more and learn how to make a  bread climp art  yourself,

just click on photos below!

I just love seeing what creative things people can do with ordinary everyday objects!

Have you ever made anything with bread climps?  Do you upcycle using ordinary everyday objects?

I would love your comments!

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Recycled and Upcycled Plastic Bottle Crafts for Kids and Adults

plastic bottle flowers

Plastic Bottle Flower Ornaments DIY

Recycled and Upcycled Plastic Bottle Crafts for Kids and Adults


Check out some inspiring recycled plastic bottle projects and a  a new DIY tutorial for plastic bottle flower ornaments. Great recycling ideas for kids and adults. Click on the photos to take you to the tutorials. Be sure to check out my latest  recycled jewelry  too!


plastic bottle cap art

DIY plastic bottle cap art mosaic



inspiring plastic design

Inspiring Plastic Design


plastic crafts

Tutorial for miniature dollhouse Chihuly style “glass” made from plastic containers.


Recycled Plastic Necklace

Recycle plastic into wearable art!

I would love to see how you recycle or upcycle, feel free to post a link to your page, blog or shop! Comments are welcomed here!