Eco Friendly Organic Art Jewelry Collection; One-Of -A-Kind Accessories For Your Artsy, Earthy and Boho Style

eco friendly art jewelry

Eco Friendly Organic Art Jewelry Collection


By Heather O’Cain, BluKatDesign on Etsy

Do you have a unique style? Are you getting to that age where you don’t want to look just like everyone else? One way to change your look is with accessories. Handmade one-of-a-kind accessories from this Organic Art Jewelry Collection by BluKatDesign is perfect for your artsy, earthy and Boho style. This new fiber art jewelry collection, inspired from nature,  is so colorful and full of texture plus it is Eco-Friendly!  It is made with old Priority Mailers (Tyvek) that have been painted then heated to create interesting textures and mixed with pearls or glass beads. Tyvek material has a light-weight paper like feel but it is a strong plastic. This is wearable art jewelry that is comfortable enough for everyday! Click on photos to go to my Etsy store for more details:




Eco friendly earrings

Eco friendly earrings in a rainbow of colors with NON-ALLERGENIC niobium ear wires



Earthy copper colored statement necklace with wire, glass and metal beads

Earthy copper colored statement necklace with wire, glass and metal beads



eco chic statement necklace recycled

Eco Chic Jewelry, one-of-a-kind!



freshwater pearl necklace pendant

Unique freshwater pearl pendant with glass seed beads and recycled material



upcycled frog necklace

Upcycled frog necklace made with a repurposed vintage frog



Eco Chic statement necklace

Eco Chic statement necklace, is it a dancer or seashells?



freshwater pearl necklace

Freshwater pearl necklace



Freshwater pearl necklace Eco-friendly

Freshwater pearl necklace earring jewelry set




boho necklace

Eco Friendly Boho Necklace


Necklace earring set made with recycled materials

Necklace earring set made with recycled materials



eco chic recycled necklace

Statement necklace in gold and turquoise



Boho flower necklace pendant in purple

Eco Chic Boho flower necklace pendant in purple


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Want to see more unique jewelry? Check out my Denim Circles Jewelry Collection

For more interesting upcycled and art jewelry follow  BluKatDesign on Pinterest:


Do you have a unique style? Do you love unique jewelry? Could you wear something like this? I would love your comments below.


10 Creative Pieces of Art Jewelry That Will Make You Stand Out In Style

Recycled statement pendant made with Tyvek

Recycled statement pendant made with Tyvek


10 Creative Pieces of Artsy Jewelry That Will Make You Stand Out In Style

By Heather O’Cain  Jewelry Artist at BluKatDesign Jewelry on Etsy


Are you a colorful or creative person who loves things that are unusual or unique? Maybe you are an artist like me who does not like the mass produced department store jewelry?  Are you looking for something that will make you stand out in style at an event or just want something vibrant to make your outfit pop? Then you must check out BluKatDesign on Etsy, specializing in unique, artsy and one-of-a-kind jewelry for your colorful, creative style!  Handmade with materials including upcycled jewelry, found objects and safety pins to recycled priority mailers (Tyvek)  that have been painted then heated to form textures.  This jewelry is not only Eco Friendly but Eco Chic!


Day of the Dead skull necklace with upcycled charms

Day of the Dead skull  necklace with upcycled charms


long tassel necklaces

One of a kind long tassel necklace by BluKatDesign on Etsy


long tassel necklace with fringe

Long copper necklace with fringe


artsy jewelry accessories

Colorful, artsy accessories. Recycled earrings by BluKatDesign

Lightweight fuzzy earrings made with pipe cleaners!

Lightweight fuzzy earrings made with pipe cleaners!


One-of-a-kind scrap fabric earrings

One-of-a-kind scrap fabric earrings with handmade ear wires



safety pin runway necklace

One-of-a-kind safety pin statement necklace

One-of-a-kind safety pin statement necklace



Wire wrapped Tyvek bead earrings

Wire wrapped Tyvek bead earrings



Fiber art jewelry statement necklace

Fiber art jewelry statement necklace



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Do you have a unique style or love creative accessories? Which is your favorite here? Comments welcomed!

Fiber Art Jewelry – Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

fabric earrings

Fabric wire wrapped earrings

Fiber Art Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

Fiber art jewelry; earrings and necklaces made from fabric, ribbon then wire wrapped with glass beads. My newest line of upcycled jewelry made from my fabric and wire stash. I just love all of the colors and textures, these are so fun to make! The beads remind me of those expensive art glass beads but without the weight. Like little pieces of art, everything is one-of-a-kind and not mass produced. You can find my fabric art jewelry in my Etsy store. Click on the photos to take you to the items in my store:

purple fabric earrings

Purple fabric earrings

fabric earrings

Colorful earrings made from Guatemalan fabric scrap

fabric jewelry

Fabric and pearl necklace earring set

green fabric earrings

fiber art jewelry earrings

handmade earrings

Earrings made from fuzzy ribbon

fabric earrings

fabric tube earrings

To make these yourself,  see my tutorial : DIY wire wrapped fabric beads.  For more upcycled jewelry, follow my Pinterest board:  Upcycled Jewelry

Stay tuned for more colors and shapes! Would you wear fabric or fiber jewelry? Comments welcomed 🙂

Upcycled Jewelry: Making Something New Out of Vintage

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry Necklace

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry Necklace

Upcycled Jewelry:  Making Something New Out of Vintage

 Reuse, remake, repurpose old vintage jewelry into something new!

I  love to make upcycled jewelry that is one-of-a-kind, totally unique and is fashionable and fun to wear today! I like to collect interesting vintage jewelry, buttons and parts….sometimes they sit for a long time on my bench waiting for the right combination of parts to come together for a fabulous piece. The vintage flower necklace above, made from brooches and earrings, just came together easily one day  but others take time just finding the perfect pieces to fit just right. From elaborate necklace statements to a simple repurposed pendant or earrings, I love the challenge of taking something old and maybe even a little funky and making something new, stylish and easy to wear! Nothing I make is mass produced, I like making everything at least a slightly bit different each time so everything is unique.  I have a variety unique customers from  11 years old to 75 years who really appreciate the uniqueness and handmade work!

upcycled Jewelry

Repurposed Vintage Yellow Flower Statement Necklace

vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry on my bench; what should I make with it?

upcycled pendant

Upcycled Vintage Necklace Pendant

collage pendant

Collage pendant made from a vintage earring and parts.

vintage flower earrings

Flower dangle earrings made from vintage 1960’s clip-ons!

upcycled jewlery

Edgy Vintage Flower Choker with gunmetal

Be sure to check out my etsy store for modern upcycled jewelry made from repurposed  bobby pins , buttons and repuposed glass drawer knobs!

On Pinterest, follow my  Vintage Inspired JewelryUpcycled Jewelry board or Button Jewelry boards  for more fun jewelry.

Do you like the Vintage Inspired look or a more modern look? Do you like the idea of upcycling? All comments are welcomed below. Thank-you for visiting:)

6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials


DIY Decoupage crafts

6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials

6 DIY Decoupage Crafts Tutorials 

I don’t know why decoupage is so addicting and fun, maybe it is a quick way to transform an item into something new.

Here are six of my favorite DIY decoupage craft projects and tutorials:

decoupage manniquin heads crafts

Decoupage Mannequin Heads


1) DIY Decoupage Mannequin Heads: fun and funky way to make easy sculptures for your decor using maps, newspaper or colorful decoupage paper!


DIY Decoupage Earrings Tutorial

DIY Decoupage Earrings Tutorial


2) DIY decoupage Map Earrings Tutorial: Make stylish and colorful earrings using old maps of your favorite places.


DIY decoupage earrings with hand stamped gold

DIY decoupage earrings with hand stamped gold


3) DIY hand stamped, embossed and decoupaged earrings: Make beautiful artsy earrings using scrap paper and gold embossing powder.


mixed media art

Mixed Media With Decoupage Maps


4) Spruce up an old acrylic mixed media painting with decoupage!


decoupage sheet music balls

decoupage sheet music balls


5) Make decorative balls for home decor or decoupage Christmas ornaments using upcycled sheet music.


decoupage bust for jewelry display

decoupage bust for jewelry display


6) Make your own unique decoupage bust to display or store your jewelry.



For more craft ideas please follow my Pinterest board:  Handmade Craft Ideas:


Do you like to decoupage? What are your favorite things to decoupage? Comments welcome below:

Bread Climp Art and Jewelry

bread climp art

Bread Climp art by Rachel Perry Welty

 Bread Climp Art and Jewelry

Reuse, repurpose and upcycle bread clips or climps as they call them!

Check out this enormous, amazing collection of clips by artist,  Rachel Perry Welty

bread climp upcycling

208,896 Loaves , 2004 Rachel Perry Welty

On a smaller scale, I love these metal tags made by Melanie Faureau customized with the date of your choice or  these fun earrings from Bring by Yoriko Nishiyama;

bread climp pendant

Bread clip pendant made by Melanie Faureau

bread clip earrings

Bread Clip Earrings by  Bring

How about a wedding dress made out of bread climps? That’s what fashion designer,  Stephanie Watson did!

bread clip fashion

Wedding Dress Made From Bread Climps

See my latest upcycling project; a colorful mosaic of bread climps! To see more and learn how to make a  bread climp art  yourself,

just click on photos below!

I just love seeing what creative things people can do with ordinary everyday objects!

Have you ever made anything with bread climps?  Do you upcycle using ordinary everyday objects?

I would love your comments!

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Art and Craft Ideas Using Maps for Decor

mixed media art

Mixed Media With Maps

Art and Craft Ideas Using Maps for Decor

I  have always loved maps. Even in grade school I loved drawing maps!  The above photo is part of my updated mixed media collage; I added the maps two years after “finishing” the piece! Be sure to see my “before and after”;  just click on the link or photo! The following is more handmade map inspired art and decor pieces.  From wall art, clocks to a pillow and vase; all inspired from maps! Below is an amazing  embroidered map by Squibblybups on Etsy! You can get your own customized neighborhood map hand embroidered!

embroidered maps

Embroidered Map

map clock

 Laser Cut Wood Clock  of Rotterdam by UrbanFabic

Anatomical Heart Custom Map Art

Anatomical Heart Custom Map Art by GrannyPantyDesigns on Etsy

topo vase

Topography Vase by maiahomstad on Etsy

San Francisco Bay Map Art

San Francisco Bay Topo Map Art by Crafterall on Etsy

map pillow

Topo Map Pillow by geographyhandmade on Etsy

map clock

Modern London Map Clock by snowbald on Etsy

upcycled crafts

Upcycled Maps and Cans

Above is a fun and easy craft project ucycling maps and cans. Made from a world atlas, road map and topo map,  used for pens and coins in my office. The larger coffee can has straight sides; I just decoupaged the map to the can. The smaller cans have the slightest taper making it bit of a challenge; I used Yes glue (a glue stick could work)  then sealed with a clear acrylic spray when the glue was dry.  You could also cut the paper a little longer and decoupage following the top of the can, then trim the bottom. Below is a decoupage mannequin head I made using an Alberta road map! Be sure to check out my tutorial for decoupaged mannequin heads.

Map Earrings

Handmade Topo Map Earrings

Want to see more map inspired decor and art? Please follow my Pinterest board, Maps!

Do you love maps or have any cool map projects to share? Comments welcomed!

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