How To Add a Pop of Color And Style With Infinity Scarf Necklaces

summer infinity scarf necklaces

How To Add a Pop of Color And Style With Infinity Scarf Necklaces


Add a pop of summer color and style with infinity scarf necklaces by BluKatDesign on Etsy. These lightweight scarf necklaces will make a big statement this summer! They are perfect for a breezy casual summer day or cool summer night.Β  Wear them with solid summer colors or denim, beachwear or eveningwear to give you a chic, stylish look. They are all upcycled and one-of-a-kind. Clicking on photos will take you to my Etsy store:





summer style



summer infinity scarf


summer infinity scarf necklace

Lightweight infinity scarf necklace in summer colors



Blue scarf is great for year-round!



This is me wearing my scarf upcycled from a favorite t-shirt! Click to see more scarf statement necklaces!


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Do you like the idea of a lightweight scarf for summer? What would you wear these with? I would love your comments below:

16 thoughts on “How To Add a Pop of Color And Style With Infinity Scarf Necklaces

  1. I own one too many infinity scarves . . . is that really a problem? Love the pop of color . . . a fun summer accessory!

  2. I always think of scarves as only being for cold weather. And since I live in South Texas, we don’t get a lot of that here. I never would have used them as summer wear, but these are great ideas and so cute!

  3. I’m not normally a scarf person, but these are gorgeous! I would totally wear one of these year round!

  4. such a creative and pretty accessory! I am charmed! I would try to wear it as well to add some color as I tend to overuse the monochrome

  5. Gorgeous! (as always!) What a clever upcycling idea – I love that it’s a beautiful statement AND a great way of repurposing!

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