Runway Fashion Vs Real World

Runway Fashion Vs Real World


By Heather O’Cain, BluKatDesign on Etsy

Runway fashion vs real world. As a jewelry designer I like to get ideas from the runway, as crazy as they are and interpret them for the real world! I love bright colors and this clown-like photo from Armani Prive Spring 2019 Couture Show was the inspiration:


Colorful and bold red and blue from Armani Prive Spring 2019 Couture Show

Below is my version with my red and blue poppy statement necklace and a flattering form fitting blue dress to make the necklace pop! Slim blue denim earrings blend with the dress, plain but elegant shoes in nude for a classy look! Keep it simple when wearing a statement necklace! I suggest a bright red clutch to go with:

summer fashion ideas


Red and blue poppy necklace

Red and blue poppy necklace by BluKatDesign on Etsy


art jewelry poppy necklace

Art jewelry poppy necklace

For more fashion ideas, please follow my Pinterest board:

Fashion Inspiration, Accessorize With Handmade Jewelry


I love the challenge of taking ideas from fashion designers and making jewelry and accessories that people would love to wear in the real world! Want to see more posts like this?Ā  Please leave your thoughts below!

20 thoughts on “Runway Fashion Vs Real World

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  2. Oh my gosh, I like your creation so much better than the runway version! It’s gorgeous, but paired with the outfit inspiration you suggested it’s more of a statement than adding to the craziness of that other dress!

  3. That’s a really unique piece. I’m rewatching battlestar galactica right now and the necklace reminds me of the mandala from the show.

  4. I love that you have taken inspiration off the runway and made it practical for every day people. This is such a great look!

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