Repurposed Jewelry Antique Key Charm Statement Necklace

handmade antique key charm statement necklace

Repurposed Antique Key Charm

Statement Necklace – Upcycled Jewelry

By BluKatDesign Jewelry on Etsy

Do you love the “feel” of old vintage jewelry and found objects? To me, they seem to have a unique story to tell. Rather than buying new charms from the bead store, I like  to collect beads, buttons, vintage jewelry and keys! This is my latest statement necklace featuring a real antique key, vintage buttons, an old heart charm, watch face and hat earring with ribbon and strands of vintage pink glass beads. Click on photos to go to my Etsy store to see more:

statement necklace with antique key and charms

Antique key statement necklace with vintage charms and ribbon



For a smaller repurposed key charm necklaces, long or short, Day of the Dead, Steampunk or vintage cameo,  check out my Etsy store for more:


key charm necklaces

More upcycled key charm necklaces


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If you love vintage, be sure to follow my Pinterest board:  Vintage Inspired Jewelry





Do you love keys or vintage jewelry? I would love to know your thoughts on this statement necklace, comments welcomed:







20 thoughts on “Repurposed Jewelry Antique Key Charm Statement Necklace

  1. I love the rustic feel of the necklace above, the pink one in particular. I also like how you arranged the pendants on the key, that’s so creative!

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