Modern Upcycled Jewelry Made From Electrical Resistors

upcycled resistor jewelry

Modern Upcycled Jewelry Made From Electrical Resistors!

My latest upcycling project is jewelry made from electrical resistors I’ve had for years. I finally came up with some unique ways of repurposing resistors on earrings and statement necklaces with a fun modern look. The necklace is super comfortable to wear with an 18″ steel cord, gray resistors and shimmery gray pearls. The earrings are fun, twirly and fairly lightweight. So far I make the earrings in orange, gray and turquoise, you will most definitely get noticed wearing these!

CLICK on photos to take you to my shop, BluKatDesign on Etsy:


statement necklace reisistors

Repurposed resistor statement necklace with gray pearls


Turquoise resistor dangle earrings

Turquoise resistor dangle earrings


Orange dangle earrings with resistors

Orange dangle earrings with resistors


Gray pearl resistor earrings

Gray pearl resistor earrings


This last design has no resistors but came up with the idea while making the resistor earrings with interlacing loops, these look like planets:

Modern dangle earrings

Planet like dangle earrings with glass beads


For more unique repurposed jewelry, please follow my Pinterest board Upcycled Jewelry

Is modern jewelry not quite your style?Β  See more traditional flower dangle earrings!

Do you like these modern upcycled designs? Should I find more resistors in other colors to make more jewelry?

41 thoughts on “Modern Upcycled Jewelry Made From Electrical Resistors

  1. I really like the earrings, they look so nice and I’m pretty sure they would add life to any outfit! You can wear this with a tee and it will still look stunning! That’s awesome!

  2. These are very creative and beautiful!
    I could have sworn that I saw something of a similar designs yesterday on my facebook from a friend of mine who makes jewelry!
    I think she is learning the same thing.

    I wish I could be so creative.

    Thanks for sharing!

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