Repurposed Recycled Upcycled CD and DVD Necklace Pendants

recycled cd pendants


Repurposed,Β  recycled, upcycled CD and DVD pendants by BluKatDesign on Etsy. These shimmery iridescent pendants are made by microwaving CDs and DVDs for a couple seconds to get a crackle then they are baked in a hot oven for a few minutes to bring out the color; the DVDs are purple and the CDs are turquoise. I never really noticed the different colors until I started baking them! These are the perfect colorful modern necklaces for everyday. Unisex; great shape for both men and women! Click on photos to take you to items in my Etsy store, BluKatDesign.


Purple DVD necklace

Purple DVD necklace


CD necklace pendant

CD necklace pendant


See more of BluKatDesign’s upcycled jewelry on Pinterest:



What do you think of these recycled necklaces? Comments welcomed.


43 thoughts on “Repurposed Recycled Upcycled CD and DVD Necklace Pendants

  1. I love this! These look so fun and amazing! I have been holing onto my cos and dvds for so long just waiting for something like this!

  2. That’s awesome! Who would have thought you could do this with CDs and DVDs! That’s a great way to recycle, definitely.

  3. Re-purposed is an awesome way to give life to things that most people would just throw away. I love the end results here.

  4. They look really awesome, I would never think they’re made out of DVDs and CDs! Is it safe to bake them though? As far as I know there are chemicals released during such process, so I’m a little bit concerned πŸ™‚

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