New Age Jewelry, Mandala Art, Handmade Gift Ideas

mandala necklace

Mandala Cross Pendant in Dark Gunmetal


New Age Jewelry, Mandala Art, Handmade Gift Ideas

Like yummy eye candy in every color! These vibrant  New Age jewelry  and magnets are inspired from the seven Chakras. Mandalas make the perfect gifts for teens, Boho Chic fashionistas, artists, massage therapists or anyone into the healing arts or who likes color. Mandala means “circle” in classical Indian Sanskrit but is a cross cultural symbol used by Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and even Native Americans. My art mandalas are all original designs created by me; they are not made from scrapbook paper or digital downloads like others you see. My pendant necklaces come in three sizes, 1″, 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ in silver, bronze, copper or gunmetal.  If you have a few people on your gift list, I have sets of five or six  wholesale pendants  that can save you money. The magnets come in sets of assorted colors and sizes in decorative boxes ready for gift giving and can be found in my  Etsy shop.


mandala necklace

Mandala necklaces available  in “wholesale” sets to save you money!



mandala magnets

Fiery mandala magnet set, perfect stocking stuffers!



mandala earrings

Mandala earrings



Mandala art paperweight

Third eye mandala art paperweight



I like to wear my mandalas with casual clothes, jeans are always a great choice! Some ideas on how to wear mandalas:



Coral Reef Rain


Coral Reef Rain by cck5100 featuring a turquoise mandala pendant



What I Wore Today - It's all About Comfort!


Do you like colorful mandala designs? Would you like to get a mandala as a gift? Comments welcome.



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