3 Easy Stylish DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Jewelry tutorials

3 Easy Stylish DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Three simple and stylish DIY jewelry making tutorials. I love making jewelry but I don’t have a lot of time to work on time consuming or tedious projects like I used to. Here a some fun, easy jewelry makings tutorials that even beginner can do! There is even a tip for advanced jewelers! You can make up some new earrings to match that new outfit in no time!



1) Wire wrapped fabric beads; made from scrap fabric, ribbon, wire and glass seed beads. These beads have the looks of fancy glass beads; use them to make necklaces and earrings or use the technique for other projects: DIY Bead Tutorial


bead tutorial

Wire wrapped fabric bead tutorial



2) Simple drop earrings; DIY Earring Tutorial   A beginner can make these elegant vintage style hoop earrings with links to find the all of the supplies.


drop earrings tutorial

Simple drop earring tutorial


3) DIY Bead Dangle Earrings Tutorial  using gorgeous porcelain beads from  The Bead Mixer.  Easy enough for a beginner but with a tip  that an advanced jeweler can appreciate for those larger hole beads that wobble and turn!

Bead dangle earrings DIY for beginners

Bead dangle earrings DIY for beginners



For more tutorials please see:  5 Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorials

Also follow my Pinterest board : Jewelry Tutorials

Do you like making jewelry? Comments welcomed


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