Handmade Seahawks Jewelry

seahawks fashion

Seattle Seahawks 12th Woman Fashion


I am not much of a football fan, I prefer baseball. My husband and so many of my friends are really into the Seahawks. Everyone seems to want Seahawks jewelry that is stylish and fun to wear but that is so hard to find!  The Seahawks color combo is a real challenge (for me!)  to make something that is fashionable and feminine but I love challenges! I have made upcycled bobby pin necklaces in the past but now I am having fun with Seahawks button pendants, earrings and rings! Most of the items I make are one-of-a-kind, made with vintage buttons so if you see something you like, you better grab it while you can; just click on the photos to go to my Etsy shop!


seahawks necklace

Sold! Upcycled bobby pin necklace in Seattle Seahawks colors


Seahawks button rings

Button rings in Seattle Seahawks colors


seahawks button necklace

Seahawks button pendant necklaces in antiqued bronze or silver


button earrings

Unique button earrings in Seahawks colors


seahawks button ring

Number one again this year? Seahawks button ring


For more Sports team jewelry follow my Pinterest board: Team Spirit


What is your favorite team? What color combos do you like? Comments welcomed!


5 thoughts on “Handmade Seahawks Jewelry

  1. Hi there – thanks so much for visiting my new blog and liking a few of my posts! Cheered me up no end! 🙂

    I love this post – and just wondered if you can tell me how you link the photo to your Etsy. That’s a fab feature! I used to have a blog and knew how to do this, but it seems that WordPress has changed in the past few years (I used to keep a poetry blog). Where do I put the url link when I edit the photo? I’ve tried but the photo just opens up as a brand new page….

    I hope you don’t mind me asking! Have a great day, Chloe xx
    (if you reply, will I get a notification on WordPress somehow?) thanks 🙂

  2. Enjoyed exploring your blog. I am totally loving the button rings! I am so NOT a football fan, but it was your Sea Hawks post that really caught my eye. 🙂 I’m still fairly new to the Seattle area, but with all the hoopla about the team – well, funny how a something I have no interest in led me to your crafty blog.
    AND your studio is great – love the high ceilings.

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