Inside BluKatDesign Jewelry and Craft Studio

BluKatDesign studio

BluKatDesign Jewelry and Crafts Studio

Inside BluKatDesign Jewelry and Craft Studio

I love my large studio, I have been in this location for three years. Before that I was working out of a tiny room and before that my dining room!Β  I like how I can have several work stations for various crafts and jewelry so I don’t have to shuffle my things around to use a space….well at least most of the time….or maybe some of the time! It seems I could always use more space! My favorite things about my studio are the size, high ceilings and the light! As you walk inside you see my extra table usually loaded with buttons and other projects:

craft room

Craft room

handmade jewelry

Most of my jewelry is stored in boxes but I have some on display

jewelry studio

BluKatDesign jewelry and craft studio

photo studio

My jewelry photo studio


A spot for my laminator to make my bookmarks

sewing station

Sewing station with my new Baby Lock machine

craft cart

I wish I had a larger island with storage but this craft cart does the job for now!

craft closet

Messy closet! This is where I do my packaging!

craft closet

Wish I had a better work space in the closet!

crafting closet

Craft closet could use some more organization!

craft room

Buttons, jewelry storage, miniatures

bead storage



My main workspace; right now I am working on button pendants.

For more behind the scenes of BluKatDesgin follow my Pinterest boards: BluKatDesign Studio and for craft room ideas: Crafts room ideas

Here is a video of my workspace:

As you can see, I have a ton of space, just need a little more organization! Since I am short I can’t have high storage for items I use.


Any more organization tips for my jewelry studio and comments are welcomed below!

46 thoughts on “Inside BluKatDesign Jewelry and Craft Studio

  1. Great that you have a studio work space. Don’t worry about messes. The nice thing is you can walk away, and close the door, and come back to where you were. I haven’t let anyone in my studio for several years because it serves as part junk room. Glad you are still creating!


  2. I like how organize the things for your work, The high ceiling of the office makes it even mode spacious. The DIY photo studio u have there is a thumbs-up! Thank u for bringing us inside your studio πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us! It’s really lovely, with all the splash of colors on the walls. Who wouldn’t want to work in a room like that. No wonder you have all these awesome ideas for your accessories.

  4. I am just loving it, such a wonderful work-space to make sure you can get the best out of your profession. These are some Cute jewelry & I am sure you are so dedicated on your work.

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