Funny Craft Memes

crafty chica

Crafting is kind of addicting for me but it can also be tedious, intense, time consuming, sometimes even stressful work and I must say you’ve got to have a sense of humor about it! Here are some of my favorite craft memes. This one above is one of my favorites. I did a google image search and found this is actually  Kathy from the Crafty Chica, who has the most colorful and fun craft blog, be sure to check it out!  A few weeks ago Pearl, from The Beading Gem’s Journal did a post with links to a ton of hilarious memes from Sylvie Landowne and the Handmade Ryan Gosling Blog, be sure to follow Pearl’s blog for great inspiration and jewelry tutorials and see her post with these funny memes at The Beading Gem’s Journal   Here are a couple  of my favorites:


crafting funniescraft memesI thought I would try making a meme myself! There are several meme generators out there but I used Memedad.  Here are a few of mine, the first two are the Overly Attached Girfriend   If you haven’t seen her videos they are a riot, maybe you have to see her in action to really get this! I just had to make one using the ancient alien guy too, he is so funny to watch!


overly attached girlfriend

buy handmade

hey girl

ancient alien beads


Feel free to use my memes. Do you have any crafting funnies? Comments welcomed!

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