Butterfly Necklace Statement For Spring

butterfly necklace

Art Nouveau Butterfly Necklace

Butterfly Necklace Statement For Spring

New for Spring! One-of-a-kind Art Nouveau butterfly necklace statement made with  repurposed vintage butterflies. I had these vintage butterfly brooches and jewelry parts for a couple of years. I even had the piece all wired together with the bead dangle and was almost finished but just didn’t know what else to do! It just did not look right so it sat on my bench collecting dust. The other day it  hit me to add a few vintage buttons and WOW! I love how it turned out, why didn’t I think of that sooner? A lot of my jewelry is like that; I have little arrangements of jewelry parts all over my shop waiting for ideas or parts to complete. You can wear it asymmetrically or straight on; the vintage chain attaches with lobster claw clasps! Here is an idea of what to wear with it:

Spring Fashion Statement


statement necklace

Butterfly Statement Necklace

butterfly pendant

Wear Asymmetrically

butterfly necklace

Wear straight on or asymmetrically!


butterfly pendant

Unique Butterfly Pendant Statement

upcycled jewely

Upcycled Jewelry

Butterflies may be cliche but they are forever! I try to add a little whimsy by making my butterfly pendants unique and different and by hanging them asymmetrically.  The bead dangles add a little sparkle.

Do you like upcycled vintage jewelry? Do you like how this necklace turned out? Comments are welcomed below!

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