Using Polyvore For Fun, Art and Expression or For Sales


I love Polyvore! I love to see how others use my handmade jewelry in their sets ( see above)  and I  enjoy making sets too. I’ve used Polvore to make cards for Valentine’s Day or Christmas and as an effective sales tool.  You can also use Polyvore for interior design sets but I find that a challenge.  This is a very cool decor set for a  Polyvore contest using a mirror and another that looks like a magazine cover:

Mirror Mirror Contest
Hamptons Beach House Contest

I have seen some super creative art and expression sets!  Here are some very unique  collage art sets I found:

Pier 1 lambs and chicks
Untitled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Untitled #579
purple haze
Here are my art sets using my jewelry and button  magnets to a sculpture, masks  and art:
Polyvore Totem
Polyvore Jewelry Mask
Polyvore Mask
Butterfly ✿♡✿*¨*•¸¸.✿♡✿*¨*•¸¸.✿♡✿*¨*•¸¸.
Find more Polyvore art here:  Top Art and Expression Sets
For sales, I’m sure you’ve seen these all over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. They can be a useful tool for selling fashion, accessories and jewelry:
Fall Fashion: Animal Print and Blue Ombre Accessories
Steampunk Valentine's Day Fashion Ideas
Be sure to check out my blog post on updating my mixed media collage using maps!
Are you on Pinterest? Feel free to post a link to your page or favorite set! Comments welcomed here:

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