10 Amusing Short Girl Problems #ShortGirlProblems

I am not complaining; after 50 years I find it quite amusing some of the problems some of us short people encounter! The obvious stuff like finding clothes that fit is annoying but I don’t mind getting my jeans hemmed all of the time. Nordstroms does it free plus I have a stash of denim enough to make a quilt now!  People usually think I’m a lot younger which is a good thing now. Being short was also beneficial for my power lifting;  too bad I didn’t discover that when I was younger!  I stumbled across #shortgirlproblems on twitter and I feel connected with the world now, LOL!  Here is my list of  super annoying but funny problems:

1)  Shopping bags drag on the ground; must either loop the handles around to make shorter or just fold the bag!

2)  Can’t open my car door without having to lean back or the top of the window will jab me in the eye!

3)  Always get elbowed in the eye in crowds!

4)  Feet do not touch the ground in restaurant booths or in any chair for that matter and if my feet do touch the ground the desk is way too high!

5)  Can’t reach in the back of my fridge must squeeze to get inside!

6)  Need a stepping stool to reach inside my washing machine or afraid I might fall in!

7)  Someone with a big head always sits in front of me at theaters or events.

8)  Must climb up the shelves to reach things at the grocery store or have the little old lady get it for me!

9)  Sinks in public restrooms are usually too high so the water runs down inside my sleeves!

10)  I can never use port-o-potties….they are too high and too gross anyway!



Please add any other short girl problems to this list or if you are tall,  tell me some things that I might not know about being tall. Comments welcomed!


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