Victorian Dollhouse, Greenleaf Beacon Hill, 1:12 Scale Miniatures

Greenleaf Dollhouse

Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse

Victorian dollhouse

Front porch of my Victorian Dollhouse

dollhouse plant

Dollhouse hanging plant

A lot of you know I have a love for dollhouse miniatures, not so much dolls… unless it is weird doll art  (I bit the noses off my barbies!) but the love for the miniature furniture, houses and decor.  I think I  was upcycling long before upcycling was cool or doing faux finishes before those were a fad!  My first mini was of a lamp made out of a toothpaste cap.  The hanging flower pots were made by pressing Fimo clay inside my husband’s contact lens case! This is my 1:12 scale Victorian dollhouse made from the Beacon Hill Greenleaf kit.  To see the interior just click on the links below:

Pt. 2:  Dollhouse Miniatures Living Room

Pt. 3:  Dollhouse Miniatures Kitchen  and Dining Room

Pt. 4:  Dollhouse Master Bedroom and Bath

Pt. 5:  Dollhouse Library and Hallway

Pt. 6   Dollhouse Girl’s Bedroom  and Sewing Room

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Are you a miniaturist ? I would love to see your work, feel free to post your link below. Love minis? Comments are welcomed here!


48 thoughts on “Victorian Dollhouse, Greenleaf Beacon Hill, 1:12 Scale Miniatures

  1. Your Beacon Hill is beautiful! So inspiring! I have much more interest in getting these window sashes sanded now… 🙂

  2. That is so amazing! I love how detailed the house is and you’re very creative in making the little accessories like the pots. I also checked on the links to the rooms, they are wonderfully made! VERY detailed!

  3. This Victorian dollhouse is so beautiful. It’s really amazing to see all the intricate details in the house and how it all comes together. Once my kids get a bit older, I’d love to start a hobby like this!

  4. I have always wanted a dollhouse but never got one. Sometimes, I imagine getting one but right now, its going to be for a future niece or grandchild since I have a son and my sister is 16.

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